2nd AUAF Building Research Capacity Workshop for Expanding Afghanistan’s Academic Outreach.

The 2nd AUAF Building Research Capacity Workshop took place at AUAF on 12 March 2020. This was the second of a planned series of workshops organized by AUAF’s Division of Science, Technology and Mathematics (AUAF-STM) for the purpose of promoting Afghanistan’s academic outreach in the research area. The workshops are run as a collection of theoretical and practical sections where participants are taken through the foundations of the scientific process as they begin to write for academic publication.

The workshop was attended by 40 participants selected from amongst almost 1,300 applicants. The participants represented a total of 20 private and public Afghan universities, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Afghanistan Civil Service Institute, UNDP, and the Organization for Relief Development (ORD). Feedback from attendees was particularly positive as they gained new perspectives on the complexities of academic writing, especially how to conduct a systematic literature review. Participants enthusiastically requested that the next workshop be scheduled soon.


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