A Mughal Art Exhibition Opens in Kabul

On March 31st 2018 an exhibition on treasures of Mughal art opened in Babur Garden.
“King Babur’s Kabul: Cradle of the Mughal Empire” displays a selection of high quality reproductions of some of the masterpieces of the Timurid and Mughal periods from the mid-16th century, one of Central Asia’s richest cultural eras.
A total of 72 paintings from mid sixteenth century was displayed as the second exhibition of its kind after the Tîmûrid art exhibition at Herat’s Citadel in December 2017.
Dr. Michael Barry, currently teaching at the of American University of Afghanistan and a global Medieval Islamic art who located reproductions of these miniatures put enormous effort to make this exhibition happen along with American Institute of Afghanistan Studies (AIAS).
For more details about the exhibition please visit: http://afghanistanmedievalart.com/

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