Dr. Andrew Starcher, Interim President


Now in my second year at AUAF, I continue to be inspired by the quality and commitment of AUAF students, faculty, and staff. Since opening its doors in 2006, AUAF has provided Western-style liberal arts and sciences higher education in English with faculty trained in Western universities, unlike any other university in Afghanistan. 

AUAF is a training ground for the future leadership of Afghanistan and an open space for learning and free discussion of ideas. Its graduates work in all facets of Afghan society, from deputy ministers to local business owners and as leaders in civil society, contributing to gender equity, economic growth, a more transparent public sector and the rule of law.   AUAF graduates are admitted to and perform well at a range of top ranked graduate programs at universities around the world, and they obtain Fulbright and similar scholarships at rates among the highest in the world. 

As the only nationally accredited non-profit private higher education institution in Afghanistan, AUAF contributes to better livelihoods, greater productivity, and enhanced understanding of democratic principles. AUAF stands for quality, relevant instruction that is both student-centered and of international quality, with an emphasis on higher-level learning. By providing professional programs that are informed by the liberal arts and sciences, AUAF aims to lay the groundwork for life-long learning necessary for a knowledge economy.

I want to join Executive Chairman David Sedney and the Board of Trustees in thanking Dr Kenneth Holland and Dr Julie Holland for their service and in expressing our gratitude and appreciation for the work that they have done not only for AUAF, but for all of Afghanistan over the past 13 years. I am honored to serve AUAF, its students and alumni.



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