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The Business Department of the American University of Afghanistan currently offers two programs, the Bachelor of Business Administration and the Masters of Business Administration.  The curricula are anchored to global best practices and are taught by a diverse body of faculty with a rich international background.  Details of the Degree Plans can be found under the Academic Tab on this website.

To be recognized by students and employers in the region as the preeminent undergraduate and graduate business programs in Afghanistan.

We are committed to providing international-caliber business education programs that develop professionals who drive ethical social and economic development of organizations in Afghanistan and globally.

The Department of Business provides students with theories and concepts related to international, world-class business practices. The department seeks to graduate students who will be competitive in domestic and international firms, and who can successfully continue their studies at the post-graduate level. The objectives, curriculum, and teaching methodologies of the department are designed to provide students with 1) a solid foundation in appropriate areas of knowledge at the level of international best practices; 2) an in-depth introduction in one discipline (accounting, finance, marketing or management); 3) an understanding of professionalism and its practices; 4) excellent presentation and business writing skills; 5) outstanding critical thinking skills; and 6) an understanding of business ethics in the international community. 

The BBA Program Learning Outcomes are:

1. Graduates will demonstrate effective communication skills as they relate to business disciplines.
2. Graduates will have knowledge of business concepts, tools, and techniques commonly applied to business.
3. Graduates will be able to solve organizational problems.
4. Graduates comprehend professional legal norms and ethics in a business environment.

The Department of Business provides students with the following degree options: Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) with concentrations in accounting, finance, marketing and management. 


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