Social Sciences and Humanities Division 


The Social Science and Humanities Division provides a broad foundation for thinking, learning and communication which draws on disciplines within Political Sciences, Public Administration, as well as English and Humanities. This program develops invididual and communitiy citizenry, critical thinking, analytical skills, an ability to synthesize and draw conclusions from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives that cultivate the peaceful development of the country, its everyday leaders and professionals. 

Social Sciences and Humanities faculty
  • Dr Victoria Fontan , Chair of Division of Social Sciences and Humanities, and Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Dr. Gillian Piggott, Associate Professor of English
  • Dr. Christine Murray, Assistant Professor of English


    Here is my mini-academic biography:

    Ph.D. English: History of Rhetoric/Literature in English, University of Texas at Arlington 

    M.A. English Literature, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ USA

    B.A. English Literature, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY USA

    Associate of Arts: Liberal Arts, Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ USA 

    I have taught university courses in the US and in several other international settings.  The courses include Rhetoric/History of Rhetoric in Ancient Greece and Rome; Literature (World, American, and specific genres: Poetry, Short Fiction, Creative Non-fiction); Creative Writing (poetry, short story); Philosophy; Literature and Philosophy; and Pedagogy: the teaching of college Literature and Writing, including Technical Writing.  I am glad to have been teaching at AUAF since August 16, 2016. In other academic work, I have also administered writing centers in the US and internationally (UTArlington, and Beijing, China), training tutors in best practices to guide student writers.  Also, I’ve trained and mentored groups of graduate teaching assistants to teach literature and college writing, and have designed university composition program curricula. I love my work, especially teaching and guiding students through this kind of advanced literacy learning.

  • Dr. Jim Henry, Assistant Professor of English

    .A. English literature, creative writing, Cleveland State University

    B.A. English literature, creative writing, City College of New York

    Specializations: literary fiction, rhetoric and composition


    Thank You For Being Concerned and Sensitive, University of Iowa Press “La Vida No Esta Bien,” Anak Sustra 10, Summer. 2013

    “At Least We’ve Legs,” Hobart 12, Spring 2011

  • Angela Miller, Assistant Professor of English

    Angela Miller began her career with the British Council in Muscat, Oman as an English language instructor and trainer. She became the Director of Young Learners program and worked as a teacher trainer for the Ministry of Education. On moving to Damascus, Syria she became Senior Teacher/Trainer with the British Council, in addition to being an IELTS examiner.

    In 2011 she joined the Foundation Studies program at The American University of Afghanistan, later moving to the Undergraduate program as Assistant Professor in the Department of English and the Humanities.

    Fields of teaching expertise: GEO 101 Introduction to Geography, HUM 230 Human Geography. Research interests; Oceanography, Glaciology and Climatology. Thesis ‘A Comparative Study on the Influence of Rock Type on the Morphology of Shore Platforms.’

    Academic Reading and Writing, ENG 099, ENG 101, ENG 110, ENG 120 Public Speaking

  • Mathew R. Dallaway, Assistant Professor of English

    Mathew Dallaway has an MA in Applied Linguistics from The University of Waikato, New Zealand. He has taught language learners and language teachers at all levels in New Zealand and Italy. His university experience also encompasses Bahrain University and The University of Sharjah. He has experience in translation, working with psychology researchers at La Sapienza University in Rome.

    Specializations: Academic Writing, Technical Writing, Public Speaking, Business Communication.

    His interests also include assessment and the learning of vocabulary.

  • Dr. Michael Barry, Distinguished Professor
  • Nadeem Nooristani, Instructor of Politics and Public Administration

    Nadeem Nooristani is an instructor of public administration in political science & public administration department at American University of Afghanistan since August 2017. Previously, he has worked as a teaching and research assistant in political science department at Ball State University in the United States of America. He has extensive experience working for both national and international organizations in Afghanistan i.e. CEO of a PSC.1 and ISO18788 certified private security firm; Investment Promotion Manager for Afghanistan Investment Support Agency; Human Resources and Health Benefits Coordinator for Management Science for Health – USAID; Visa Officer for Chinese Embassy; and Liaison Officer for different news channels and media agencies such as ARD First German TV, Reuters, RTI and many more. He is also the founder and president of “New Motion”, a consultancy firm that works in areas of political campaign management, public relations, advocacy, and research & development.


    Nadeem Nooristani obtained a B.S. in Economics (2009) from Aligarh Muslim University, a B.A. (double major) in Economics and International Studies (2014), and a master’s degree in Public Administration (2015) from Ball State University.




    Fields of teaching expertise include: public administration, Afghanistan government and politics, history of Afghanistan, state-building and political development in Afghanistan.

  • Mohammad Bashir Mobasher, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Administration


    Dr. M. Bashir Mobasher is an assistant professor at American University of Afghanistan, department of political science and public administration since August of 2018. He has also worked as a legal advisor for the Afghanistan Rule of Law Stabilization project funded by USAID and Legal Education Support Program-Afghanistan (LESPA) supported by University of Washington and INL.


    Dr. Mobasher obtained a B.A. (2007) from the School of Law and Political Science at Kabul University, and his LLM (2010) and PhD (2017) from the University of Washington School of Law. Dr. Mobasher founded and managed the Afghan Law Students’ Association.


    Research interests and PhD supervision


    • Electoral Designs and Party Systems
    • Constitutional Engineering in Divided Societies
    • Ethnic Politics and Conflicts
    • The Dynamics of Human Rights and Communal Rights


    Selected publications


    • Understanding Ethnic-Electoral Dynamics: How Ethnic Politics Affect Electoral Laws and Election Outcomes in Afghanistan, 51 Gonzaga Law Review 355 (2016).
    • Electoral Choices, Ethnic Accommodations, and the Consolidation of Coalitions: Critiquing the Runoff Clause of The Afghan Constitution, 6 Washington International Law Journal 413 (2017)
    • Identity Cards & Identity Conflicts: A Cross-National Analysis of ID Cards and the Lessons for Afghanistan, Indian Law Review (2018)




    • Comparative electoral systems,
    • History of Afghanistan,
    • Introduction to Political Science, and
    • Electoral Systems, Party Systems, and Ethnic Accommodation
  • Dr. Tat Puthsodary, Assistant Professor of Public Administration

    Dr. Puthsodary Tat is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration at the American University of Afghanistan. He has experience working as a director, coordinator, team leader, and consultant with the United Nations, local and international NGOs, and government ministries in Cambodia. He is currently undertaking a commercial research for a book with Routledge publisher titled “Policy and Governance in Post-Conflict Settings: Theory & Practice”, pending publication in Spring 2016. He has also been engaged in researches for peer review journals of the Journal of Conflict Resolution Quarterly and the Journal of Agrarian Change.


    Conflicting and Competing Discourses: The Politics of Land and Development in Post-Conflict Cambodia
    Neo-Liberal Policy Paradigm: Whose Policy and Whose Outcomes
    Land Disputes and Development in Post-Conflict Cambodia: Justice for All
    A Search for Justice and Rights in Land Dispute Resolution in Cambodia
    Policy and Governance in Post-Conflict Settings: Theory & Practice.


    Doctor of Philosophy Social Science, University of South Australia,
    Master Degree in Public Management, Flinders University of South Australia
    Bachelor in Animal Production and Health, Royal University of Agriculture, 

  • Mr. Christopher Henderson, Associate Professor of English
  • Dr. John Wall, Associate Professor of English and Literature
  • Ian James Reynolds, Assistant Professor of English
  • Walter Rudolph, Instructor of English
  • Martha Young, Assistant Professor of TESOL
  • Robert Curr, Assistant Professor of English and Composition
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Shamroz Khan Masjidi, Adjunct Instructor of Politics and Public Administration
  • Omar Farid Omar, Instructor of German
  • Masouda Noorzai, Instructor of French

    Born in Kabul, in 1992, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Kabul University, Faculty of Literature, French department. I then began my career as a French teacher in the same area. I hold my master degree in France, Grenoble Alpes University in French Didactic, FLES (French as a Foreign and second Language). I organized Creative Writing and Cultural workshops for French Department.

    I attended in several educational programs and conferences, trainings, cultural programs, linguistic programs in France and India to strengthen my skills. In addition to teaching, I have 8 years’ experience in many positions in banking. Currently, I am working with French Department as a French professor, with IFA (Institute de Français en Afghanistan) as a trainer of the DELF-DALF exam and with AUAF (American University of Afghanistan) as an instructor of French Language.

  • Samina Ansari, Adjunct Instructor
  • Ajmal Burhanzoi, Instructor of Political Science
  • Tutor
  • Hamidullah Hamidy, Writing Center Tutor

    BA, English Language and Literature, Kabul University, Kabul Afghanistan  

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