Purpose Statement

The Writing Center at AUAF supports students in all academic writings and assignments by providing one-on-one sessions. The main purpose of the center is to help students improve writing skills, build writing confidence and to become better writers. Using non-directive techniques, tutors assist students with their writing challenges by offering guidance for a paper's overall content, structure, organization, punctuation, thesis statements, word choice, mechanics, and more.

Moreover, tutors provide writing workshops on topics, such as how to summarize, paraphrase, cite resources properly using MLA and APA citations, document design and topics based on students’ needs. Students can either come directly to the Writing Center and ask for help or make appointments either by writing to writingcenter@auaf.edu.af  or through the this link (https://auaf-writingcenter.youcanbook.me). The Writing Center is open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm, Sundays-Thursdays, and students can have forty-five minutes peer tutoring appointment to discuss their writing challenges.

Basic Information

Work Day:                  Sunday – Thursday
Work Hour:                10:00 A.M.– 6.00 P.M.
Location:                    ICAWED 116
Need:                         Tutorials are 30 minutes long

The Monthly Writing Center Newsletters 

Year 2021:


Center Rules

Students must bring in their directions or instructions for the assignments.

Students can make an appointment Here.

(Note. Appointment will ONLY be booked with AUAF’s email address)


What Can the Writing Center Do for Faculties?

At the Writing Center, we offer individualized tutoring services for both graduate and undergraduate students, and we welcome you to introduce some of your students to work with us. If your students make recurring grammar errors, misuse punctuation and verb tenses, need assistance to better develop ideas, integrate resources, and have mechanical and other serious writing difficulties, then a good place to help them overcome these challenges is the Writing Center. The tutors at the Writing Center are well-trained to help your students apply your comments and improve their drafts. The Writing Center is able to assist you so you can focus on other aspects of the assignment.

Recommend your students:

Faculty’s recommendations play a significant role. Each time faculties recommend students to visit us, we see more and more students in the Writing Center. Advising students to visit the Writing Center after the first or second drafts would be a good idea as it helps students manage their time during the semester.

If you wish to follow the student’s progress, we will update you. To introduce your students, faculties are required to fill out the “Individual Support Request Form” and send it to the Writing Center.  Additionally, the Writing Center provides in-class presentations and offers writing workshops to your students.

In-class presentations:

The Writing Center can give a ten-minute presentation to introduce the activities of the Center and what can and cannot be expected. These short presentations will take place either at the beginning or end of the class. Meanwhile, if your class struggles with topics, such as paraphrasing and summarizing or APA citation, the Writing Center assists your students in the form of in-class presentations and/or workshops. These presentations need to be coordinated with the Writing Center.


As a faculty, you can request independent workshops for your students. Alternatively, you can encourage students to participate in regular workshops we offer each semester. In the workshops, students practice and learn writing skills that help them improve and become better writers. The majority of students have expressed satisfaction with the workshops they attended.  The Writing Center looks for your recommendations and suggestions to better serve your students. If you know students who are passionate to help others and possess good writing skills, please introduce them to us. We hire work-study tutors every semester.


Request Support for Your Students Now

‘Individual Support Request Form’


Writing Center FAQs

1. What happens at the Writing?

The Writing Center supports students in all academic writings and assignments by providing one-on-one sessions. The tutors offer guidance for a paper's overall content, structure, organization, punctuation, thesis statements, word choice, and mechanics; furthermore, the Center provides writing workshops on topics, such as punctuation marks, grammar, sentence structure, parallel structure, how to summarize, paraphrase, cite resources using MLA and APA citations, and topics based on students’ needs.

2. Who needs to go to the tutoring center?

Students who feel they need assistance in their writing assignments are encouraged to visit the Writing Center –though it is important for all students to get their papers reviewed by a second reader at the Writing Center. 

 3. Where and when can I visit the tutoring center?

The Writing Center is located in the Women Center, first floor, room #116. We are open during the week from Sunday till Thursday at 10: 00 am until 6:00 pm.  

4. How do I schedule a meeting with the tutoring center?

To schedule an appointment, you can either walk in or click on this link: https://auaf-writingcenter.youcanbook.me.

5. Why should I go to the tutoring center?

There are plenty of reasons that students need to visit us in the Writing Center among which the significant ones can be improving grades, building writing confidence and developing better writing skills. 

6. Are the tutors trained?

Yes. We are a team of professionals with eight consecutive years of experience in teaching and tutoring writing subjects at graduate and undergraduate levels.

7. How much time will I have with the tutor?

Depending on the length of your paper, you will have 30 minutes to discuss your paper with a tutor. 

8. Do tutors also assess Academy and MBA work?

Yes. Students at all levels including Academy, Undergraduate, and MBA are welcomed to visit us in the Writing Center. 

9. Are the tutors only English majors? Will they understand assignments from other departments?

Writing tutors can assist students with various majors including English, business, law and ITC. MBA students can also receive assistance with their research projects and theses.

10. Will the tutors tear my writing apart metaphorically?

As a result of our tutoring sessions, students will find an opportunity to realize their writing potentials and boost their motivations to develop better writing competencies. Tutors do not have judgmental approaches and try their best to create an atmosphere where students feel encouraged and welcomed.   

11. Can I drop off my work for editing/proofreading?

Yes. tutors will proofread papers and identify the mistakes or errors. However, it is students’ responsibility to correct them or apply feedback.

12. Can I bring a friend’s paper for peer-tutoring sessions?

No. Students can only bring their own papers to receive guidance. We believe tutoring is a process of learning, so students are not allowed to bring their colleagues’ papers simply because learning does not happen.  

13. Is there a limit to the number of pages/questions that can be reviewed?

There is no limit to the number of questions or number of pages of a paper. Students should feel free to bring assignments of any length or ask as many questions as they may have.  

14. Is there some sort of proof that I went to the tutoring center?

Yes. Students need to fill ‘Everyday Tutoring Form’ and complete an online survey every time they visit the Writing Center.  

15. Are tutors always available in the center?

Students can always meet tutors during their office hours. Students also have a chance to talk with them while they are in campus. Alternatively, you can chat with them through 0782035211, a WhatsApp number.

16. Is there a charge for visiting the tutoring center?

No. All the services provided by the Writing Center are free of charge for all students. 

17. Do you schedule tutoring sessions in the evening?

Yes. Please feel free to visit us in the evening before the office hour ends.  

 18. What do I need to bring when I visit the Writing Center?

Students must bring in the instructions for their assignments. If seeking tutoring for research papers and/or APA & MLA documentation, students must bring at least some of the sources cited in the paper. 

19. Do tutors correct grammar and punctuation mistakes? 

No. Tutors do not correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization errors on behalf of students; they will only identify them. Students must correct errors after they are identified. 

20. Is there any limit for the number of visits per assignments? 

No. There is no limit for the number of visits per assignment. However, to promote independent learning, students are encouraged to reduce their visits for a single paper.

21. Can I bring the rough draft of my paper do the Writing Center?

Yes. Students can visit the Writing Center at any stage of writing starting from generating ideas to reviewing a final draft.

22. I have not started my paper yet because I have difficulties understanding it. Can I visit the Writing Center? 

Yes. Tutors will assist you to explain ways that will help you write your assignment. 

23. How can I attend the writing workshops? 

Check our daily schedule uploaded in the Writing Center Canvas page. Check and monitor our announcements. Then, click on this Google Meet link (https://meet.google.com/fnn-bhko-rtz) to join once the time and date of the workshops is good for you.

24. I cannot attend the workshop because I have a class at that time. Can I arrange a workshop convenient to my own schedule?

If you cannot attend, you can watch the recorded videos through Google Drive, as well as access exercises and other workshop materials at your convenience at the Writing Center Canvas page.

25. I want to apply to some scholarships. Can I visit Writing Center to get help writing my personal statement?

 Yes. To receive assistance writing a personal statement, please share any necessary documents or links with tutors that help them understand about the requirements of the scholarship. 

 26. I want to apply for a job. Can I visit tutoring center to get help with my CV and covering letter?

 Yes. To receive help writing your CV and covering letter, please make sure you bring the job description and any other relevant documents when you visit the Writing Center. 

 27. Can I email my paper for tutoring? 

Yes. During the online semesters, you can email your papers to us. Send your papers to writingcenter@auaf.edu.af .

28. The printer is not working. Can I bring the soft copy in my computer?

Students should bring in hard copies of their assignments; however, in situations where the printer is out of order, they can bring soft copies of their essays in their computers.

29. Today is the due date of my assignment. Can I still visit the Writing Center?

Students are advised to visit the Writing Center prior to assignment due dates so that they can apply feedback in an appropriate time. If you are visiting tutors just 2 to 3 hours before the due date, do not expect a lot of help or improvements in your paper. 

30. How can I be part of the Writing Center?

You can apply to work at the Writing Center as work-study tutors if you meet the requirements. Each semester, we are hiring two or three work-study tutors to allow them to gain professional experience. Please contact the Writing Center before the start of every semester to know about new opportunities. 


  • BE ON TIME! Students are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes early for their schedule appointment.
  • Students are not allowed to use the Writing Center’s printer.
  • Students are not allowed to hang out and bring any drink or food to the Writing Center.

Curious to know more about the Writing Center? Watch our introductory video here.

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