Information and Technology Department                                                                                                            

In support of its objective, the Information Technology department at AUAF provides access to computing and information technology resources for students, faculty and staff within institutional priorities and financial capabilities. These services are bound by the AUAF IT Policy which can be found on

  1.          Internet
  2.          Email Account
  3.          Domain/Network accounts
  4.          Computer Labs/Computing Facilities
  5.          Video Conferencing
  6.          In - campus IT Support
  7.          Student Self Service (PowerCAMPUS)
  8.          Printing Facilities


This guide is to introduce you to the IT services available at AUAF. If you have any further questions, please visit the IT Office located on the ground floor of the Bayat Building (south-east corridor).

IT department provides each of its staff, faculty and students with a laptop/desktop computer, an email address, access to Internet and Computer login for their official and institutional business at AUAF.

Office Opening Hours

IT Office is open between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Saturdays. The office is closed on Fridays.

IT Support

The IT department is committed to providing support to its clients (Faculty, Staff and Students) in the best way possible and in a timely manner. The IT Help Desk provides faculty, students, and staff an effective, single point of contact for timely and consistent response to resolve IT problems, IT-related questions, training and documentation. Our Helpdesk office is located in the IT Office mentioned above.  You can reach the Help Desk by phone at +93798929107 or by email at


AUAF web-mail can be accessed at or (our email services are powered byGmaill). Your username and temporary password can be found on the sheet of paper that came with your laptop. If you haven’t received this, please visit the IT help desk office. We can configure Microsoft Outlook for you, part of your windows software package, if you wish to use an application rather than web-mail for your emails.  AUAF IT only supports Microsoft Outlook. You can use other applications at your own risk. 

University Website

The purpose of the AUAF website is to provide information about the university to those who might be interested in whether they are current or potential students, faculty and staff. The website also provides information about vacancies and solicitations. Academic calendar and events are also published on the website.

The IT department is responsible to assure 24/7 up-time of the website and secure the website from both external and internal attacks. However, the IT department claims no responsibility against the content of the AUAF website. Communication department, PDI, Admission office, Registration office, and Student Finance office, Academic Departments of AUAF, Innovation Hub, Women Center and Library Office at AUAF are the departments who can update the content of the website but limited to contents relative to their departments.  The address of AUAF website is:

Domain Account

Each staff, faculty and students will be provided with a unique domain account, which will give him/her access to the local share-drives, network resources, file-sharing and printing facilities.  Your domain account is already setup on the laptop/desktop you received or will receive from the IT Office. Your username and temporary password can be found on the sheet of paper that came with the laptop/desktop. These login details are sometimes referred to as your Windows Login information/credentials. 

Personal computers can still be connected to the network but may not have access to the network resources.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to keep your login credentials confidential. The IT Office will not be responsible for loss and/or leakage of your data if you share your password with anyone other than you. IT staff will never ask you for your password.

Internet Usage

Currently, AUAF has a total of 60 Mbps of Internet bandwidth available 24/7.IT department has the responsibility to provide Internet access to AUAF staff, faculty and students for the purpose of academic and official business. Although access to the Internet at AUAF is available 24/7, however, there are some restrictions on inappropriate browsing such as pornographic, or which negatively represents race, sex or creed is prohibited,. In addition, Staff/Faculty will notice some of Internet browsing restrictions during office hours i.e. from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Sunday to Thursday. The restrictions include audio/video music download, torrents, free software, and online gaming

Faculty members should use the night time to do audio/video chat with their family, download, or any bandwidth consuming task on the Internet.

Supported Campus Software

AUAF has a standard list of supported software products.  This benefits the university community by reducing costs for licenses, developing standard skill sets among employees and enabling support staff to develop expertise in specific areas to provide more effective assistance. If you have any other software that you want to install, please consult IT office before installing the software.

Classroom Support

All of the classrooms at AUAF include a ceiling mounted LCD projector. In case the faulty wants to use in special circumstances a projector can be borrowed from the IT department located on the ground floor of Bayat building in west campus and Bayat Institute of Technology in international campus. Class room schedules can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office and keys from the Physical Plant Office.  Booking conference rooms should be done through Asadullah in the President’s Office.

Computer Labs

There are 4 computer labs in C-Building. One of which is an open lab to help students with their course work and research. One of the labs is dedicated to Computer Hardware classes. The other two labs are reserved for teaching. 

Interactive Video Conferencing Room

There are two fully equipped video conferencing classrooms in the C-building. The main facility is located in room C1. This facility is used for the collaboration project. The second, a smaller facility, is part of the computer lab in C2.

AUAF also uses its Video Conference facilities for student development and sometimes training. Faculty members that wish to use the video conference should contact Registrar office or IT office at

Wireless Connection

Wireless connections are provided all over the campus. The SSIDs (name of the connection) are AUAF and Students.. Please note that only laptops registered with the IT Office will be able to connect to the wireless access points. If you wish to use your personal laptop please bring it over to the IT office to get them registered with the system.


PowerCampus is the Student Information System (SIS) database that Admissions, Registration, Student Finance, Security, Library, and PDI offices use it as the central repository of student records. It keeps student records including their inquiries, applications and decision process of the Admissions office. It also keeps registration information for students on each semester plus their grades and transcripts. Student Finance office also uses this system to track fee payments and financial aid for each student. The Security office also uses this database only for student information required to print them ID cards.

Power-Campus Self-Service

Self Service is part of the Power-Campus database system. It is a web-based utility that students, faculty and staff can login into. Students use this port to search for offered classes and register for their desired and required courses at the start of each semester while while the faculty and advisers use it to approve or deny class registration made by their advisees. Students can use it to see their schedule, view their unofficial transcript, and see their personal and billing information. Faculty can also use it to see their class rosters, assign and grade class activities, submit mid-term and final grades, etc.
The address of the Power-CAMPUS Self-service is:

Power-Campus course Home Page

Course Home Page which is built in Microsoft SharePoint engine is also part of the Power-CAMPUS database system. It functions as the Learning Management System. Once logged in the Self-Service, faculty can create new course home page for each one of their classes. Users can upload course documents and announcements, record student attendance and activities, see course schedules, and create course discussion forums. It also has Course Forums, Document Library, Form Library and Wiki Page libraries integrated into the system.

Student Print Services

Printers in the Library are managed by a print quota system. The print quota system serves to track usage, count the number of printed pages, educate students on the remaining paper quota, and standardize the print accounting for the University.

A student is allowed to print 300 pages per semester, if the students reaches the print quota limit then he/she shall pay 250 Afs for another package of 300 pages. .

The payment for printing package shall be made to student finance and the receipt shall be provided to IT department so the bundle is added to students account.

To check your balance, use this URL http://printserver:9191/user


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