About the Op-Ed 

The Op-Ed section under AUAF-Journal of Political Science and Law is an initiation of the Political Science Club executive team of 2019-2020.



The aim behind the initiation of this section is to initially provide a platform for Afghans to challenge themselves by coming up with the most important social, political or legal discourses and by offering opinion and/or perhaps solution. Through this platform, the founders and co-founders aim to maintain and substantiate public opinion and shape it into a potential motive for positive change that affects the ideology and views of the future generations.


Our Main Activities 

  • -Monthly Op-Eds publication


Editorial Staff 

‚ÄčStaff Editors 

  • Miss. Muska Dastageer
  • Mr. Nadeem Nooristani
  • Dr. Omar Sadr
  • Dr. Kaweh Kerami

Executive Team

  • Miss. Jeena Khan - Chief Editor
  • Mr. Emal Khan - Deputy Chief Editor


Submission Guidelines 

All submissions are subject to review by the executive team of the Op-Ed section.

The following guidelines shall be considered for submission:

1.     The author shall indicate upon submission the type of their Op-Ed (Political, Legal, Social).

2.     Upon receiving the publication confirmation email from the executive team of the Op-Ed section, the author shall send his/her biography (3-5 sentences) indicating his/her educational background and current working status.

Please have a look at the submission criteria.

Link to the pdf document of the criteria:



Note: The opinions expressed in the Op-Eds are that of the author and not of the American University of Afghanistan or its staff.

Link to the topics of the Op-Eds (Political, Social, Legal).


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Contact us via opinion@auaf.edu.af


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