About the Op-Ed 

The Op-Ed section under AUAF-Journal of Political Science and Law is an initiation of the Political Science Club executive team of 2019-2020.



The aim behind the initiation of this section is to initially provide a platform for Afghans to challenge themselves by coming up with the most important social, political or legal discourses and by offering opinion and/or perhaps solution. Through this platform, the founders and co-founders aim to maintain and substantiate public opinion and shape it into a potential motive for positive change that affects the ideology and views of the future generations.


Our Main Activities 

  • -Monthly Op-Eds publication


  • Mohammad Bashir Mobasher
Editorial Staff 

Staff Editors 

  • Miss. Muska Dastageer
  • Mr. Nadeem Nooristani
  • Dr. Omar Sadr
  • Dr. Kaweh Kerami

Executive Team

  • Miss. Jeena Khan - Chief Editor
  • Mr. Emal Khan - Deputy Chief Editor


Submission Guidelines 

All submissions are subject to review by the executive team of the Op-Ed section.

The following guidelines shall be considered for submission:

1.     The author shall indicate upon submission the type of their Op-Ed (Political, Legal, Social).

2.     Upon receiving the publication confirmation email from the executive team of the Op-Ed section, the author shall send his/her biography (3-5 sentences) indicating his/her educational background and current working status.

Please have a look at the submission criteria.

Link to the pdf document of the criteria:



Note: The opinions expressed in the Op-Eds are that of the author and not of the American University of Afghanistan or its staff.

Link to the topics of the Op-Eds (Political, Social, Legal).


Contact Us

Contact us via opinion@auaf.edu.af


  • Dr. Mohammad Bashir Mobasher, Assistant Professor

    Dr. Mohammad Bashir Mobasher is an assistant professor of political science at the American University of Afghanistan. Dr. Mobasher has worked as a legal advisor for the Afghanistan Rule of Law Stabilization project funded by USAID and Legal Education Support for Afghanistan run by University of Washington. Dr. Mobasher obtained his B.A. (2007) from the School of Law and Political Science at Kabul University, and his LLM (2010) and PhD (2017) from the University of Washington School of Law.

    A short list of his publications includes the following:

    1. Electoral Crises, Peace Process with Taliban And Constitutional Reform in Afghanistan, International IDEA (Jun. 2020) available athttp://constitutionnet.org/news/electoral-crises-peace-process-taliban-and-constitutional-reform-afghanistan in collaboration with Dr. Shamshad Pasarlay
    2. Party Laws & Party Nationalization: A Critique of Afghan Political Party Laws, Bologna University Law Review (Dec. 2019)
    3. Examining Ethnic Accommodation and Coalition-Building Under Alternative Forms of Government in Afghanistan,Afghan Legal Studies Journal (Jul. 2019)
    4. Constitutional Features of Afghan Presidential Elections and the Institutionalization of Cross-Ethnic Coalitions, in Palgrave Handbook of Ethnicity (Apr. 2019)
    5. Greenbook: A Guide to Citation (Feb. 2019) (in Persian)
    6. Identity Cards and Identity Conflicts: A Cross-National Analysis of National ID Cards and the Lesson for Afghanistan, Indian Law Review (2018)
    7. Electoral Choices, Ethnic Accommodations, and the Consolidation of Coalitions: Critiquing the Runoff Clause of The Afghan Constitution, 3/6Washington International Law Journal, 413 (Jun. 2017)
    8. Understanding Ethnic-Electoral Dynamics: How Ethnic Politics Affect Electoral Laws and Election Outcomes in Afghanistan, 2/51 Gonzaga Law Review 355 (2016). 

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