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AUAF is proud to be fully accredited through the Ministry of Higher Education Quality Assessment and Accreditation Board (14/Feb/2018). Our national accreditation is a result of years-long assessment and review following international educational guidelines and carried out by qualified site review teams.

AUAF Registrar’s Office is responsible for all aspects of academic records and graduation. The office’s primary functions include schedule preparation, assist with advisor registration, grades processing and custodianship of student records. These activities are integral to the educational activities of students, faculty, and university administration, thereby supporting the primary mission of the university to provide world class higher education that prepares leaders to meet the needs of Afghanistan and the region. Starting in Fall 2018 we have moved to the Annex Building on the International Campus.

In its role as a provider of quality services to students and the university community, the Registrar’s Office philosophy is to respond to inquiries accurately and promptly, to offer helpful assistance, and to treat our students respectfully and with professionalism. We are charged with responsibility for communicating and administering academic policies, which we endeavour to enforce consistently and fairly. We do this in consultation with the administration and faculty. Our office routinely reviews policy, makes recommendations for change, and coordinates the implementation of approved policy revisions. Our goal is to follow the policies set by the AUAF administration.

Registrar’s Office is committed to improving our services in response to student and faculty needs. To do so, we strive to find new ways to use emerging technology to enhance the efficiency, convenience, accuracy, and effectiveness of our services. In addition to exploring technological improvements and solutions, our office provides reports and data to support the university’s enrollment management and planning process. We also use technological resources to provide support to students, faculty, staff and other administrative offices.

Accordingly, the Registrar’s Office provides quality service through a variety of forms, including the advanced use of technology to assist students in the following procedures. The Registrar’s Office is dedicated to working in partnership with other areas of AUAF to comply with university policies. Our office works toward compliance with the U.S. code of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as well as the university policy on confidentiality, to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and security of students’ academic records.

We follow international standards and are not able to scan records at this time. We are not able to scan transcripts, diplomas, or any other student records. Students must make arrangements to have the copies sent through postal mail or authorize someone to receive their record (which they can scan for their own records). Only AUAF academic records are kept by the university. Other records must be obtained from the originating institution. Students should not that it is the student's responsibility to keep all syllabuses from their courses - this will help with graduate school and beyond!

Education verifications are official documents from AUAF's Office of the Registrar. Verifications are printed on AUAF letterhead and includes the Office of the Registrar's legal stamp/seal and the Registrar's representative signature. Education verifications provide information regarding enrollment status including the student's name, identification number, start and end dates of the selected semester(s), enrollment status, and expected or completed graduation date.

The verification may contain other specific information such as GPA, enrollment history, or total completed credits for the semester/session and/or academic history. Education verifications are not transcripts and do not contain a complete list of courses, grades and GPA for each term. If this type of information is required then a transcript request should be requested directly by the student to be sent to the outside entity.

Degree Verification

If a student has been approved for graduation and a degree has been posted to their record (approximately twelve-fifteen weeks after the end of the semester in which the student graduates), the student can order a degree verification. Degree verifications display the degree completed without GPA, course titles or grades and can only be issued once all grades have been posted.

Many offices are involved in facilitating the degree awarding process, taking several weeks after the last day of the semester/session to process in full, and therefore the Office of the Registrar is unable to expedite or rush degree verification letters before all students graduating that semester/session are officially awarded. The Office of the Registrar promptly processes letters after all campus offices have worked together to degree awarded students.


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