*Please keep in mind that the university can only estimate some holidays at the time of the academic calendar development. Actual Islamic holidays are based on lunar sightings and dates are determined much closer to the actual event - sometimes the night before the event. Please plan accordingly. 

Spring 2019 classes start 28/January/2019 (New Student Orientation on 23 & 24/January/2019). In-service Teaching Sessions begins, Monday, 21/January/2019 at 8:00am and ends on 27/January/2019. 

Readmission applications for 2019 spring semester due later 01/December/2018 (4:00pm deadline). Applications must be submitted to the Admissions Office and the student must not have any stops on their account.  

23-31/January/2019 - Spring 2019 registration reopens. Submit schedule changes no later than noon on the 31/January in order for advisor to review schedules. Only registered students can adjust their schedules during registration reopen period. Select your schedule early to get the classes you need to graduate! All students must be registered for classes BEFORE the start of the semester.

27/January (Sunday) Tuition deposit due for all returning students (4:00pm deadline)

28/January (Monday) Classes begin - Academy, UG, and MBA

31/January (Thursday at noon) Add/drop ends. All requests must be made no later than 12:00 noon on the 31/January. After that time no adds. Withdraw period begin in the afternoon. 

31/January (Thursday at noon) / Grade change deadline for fall 2018 session (12:00 noon deadline - paperwork must be submitted by faculty member only - no late paperwork accepted)

08/February (Thursday) / Dr Sharif Fayez, AUAF Founder and Professor, passes (1946-2019). Rest in Peace.

15/February (Friday) / Former Socialist Russian troops defeated and exit day from Afghanistan - actual holiday observance may be on a different date. Final date to be decided by Thursday 14/Feb @ 6:00pm. 

27/February (Wednesday) / Fall 2018 Census/Enrollment Count Day (not a holiday).

28/February (Thursday) / First Tuition Payment Due 4:00pm (payments should be made through online wire transfer)

28/February (Thursday) / Review of Fall 2018/Spring 2018 graduation requirements completed. No updated applications accepted for graduation after 4:00pm.

03/March (Sunday) / Mid-term grading open.  Closes on 27/March (Wednesday).

07/March (Thursday) / President's Honor Award Ceremony (4:00pm)

16/March (Saturday) - 22/March (Friday) / Spring Break - no classes. Classes resume on Saturday, March 23. (Tentative)

21/March (Thursday) / Nowruz - Holiday - campus closed

23/March (Saturday) Classes resume after Nowruz holiday

27/March (Wednesday) - all mid-term grades due for Academy, UG, MA and MBA due by 4:00pm

31 March (Sun)/ Deadline for Incomplete grade(s) paperwork from fall 2018 semesters to be completed. Paperwork due before 4:00pm.

31 March (Sun) / Deadline to withdraw from course(s) – MBA, UG and Academy. Paperwork must be submitted before 4:00pm. A "W" grade will be posted to the transcript but is not included in the GPA calculation

31 March (Sunday) / Second payment installment deadline (4:00pm deadline). Payments can be done through wire transfer

22 April (Monday) / Early Fall 2019 course schedule available online (no summer session in 2019 due to elections)

28 April (Sunday) Afghan Victory Day (Holiday - Tentative) 

30 April (Tuesday) / Third and final payment installment deadline (4:00pm deadline) / tuition payments should be done through online wire transfer. 

30 April (Tuesday) – 20 May (Monday) / Student Evaluations are open. Students will be on stop list until they complete their online course evaluations

01 May (Wednesday) / Fall 2019 registration begins for all MBA students and undergraduate seniors – priority registration based on number of completed credits (9:00am)

Seniors (completed 90 credits or more) can adjust their schedules starting at 9:00 am on Wednesday, 01/May/2019

Juniors (completed 60 credits or more) can adjust their schedules starting at 9:00 am on Thursday, 02/May/2019

Sophomores (completed 30 credits or more) can adjust their schedules starting at 9:00 am on Tuesday, 07/May/2019

All students who completed less than 30 credits can adjust their schedules starting at 9:00 am on Wednesday, 08/May/2019

Registration will remain open from your starting date until Thursday, 09/May/2019 at 4:00pm.

06 May (Monday) - Start of Ramadan (Campus will be closed for any national holidays)* Tentative date - it is possible for the start date to change. 

12 May (Sunday) - Last day of lecture classes before finals

13 May (Monday) - Reading Day - no classes

14 May (Tuesday): Semester Final Examinations begin

20 May (Monday): Last day of final exams

21 May (Tuesday) Graduation! Congratulations to all of our graduates!

22 May (Wednesday): All grades are due from faculty members, UG, MA, MBA, Academy. grades to be posted into PowerCampus.

30 May (Thursday) Spring 2019 grades available to students on PowerCampus

05 June (Wednesday) Eid-al-Fitr (Holiday* date is tentative - Campus Closed)

Summer 2019 (The summer session is contingent on funding - more details to be posted in May 2019). There is no payment plan in the summer session. Fees are due before the start of the summer session. UG Students are allowed a maximum of six credits. MBA students can take one class in the summer session. 

09/June (Sunday) Start of summer session - contingent on funding

11/June (Tuesday) End of add/drop (4:00pm deadline). Any classes withdrawn after that time will appear as a "W" on the transcript.

19/June (Wednesday) Census date (not a holiday)

26/June (Wednesday) Mid-term assessment due

30/June (Sunday) Withdraw deadline (4:00pm deadline)

16/July (Tuesday) Last day of classes

17/July (Wednesday) Reading Day - no classes

18/July (Thursday) Final Exams - Final Exams are held in the same room as regularly scheduled class

21/July (Sunday) Final grades due to Registrar's Office

31/July (Wednesday) Final summer grades available to students on PowerCampus

11 August* Arafat Day (subject to change - final date to be announced in mid-August)

12 August (Monday) Eid al-Qurban (Holiday*) University will observe the holiday date(s) as announced by the Afghan Government. 

19 August (Monday) Independence Day (National Day - Holiday*)

10 September (Tuesday) Ashura (Holiday*)

28 September (Saturday) VOTE! Election day (subject to change) Remember to vote on 28/September/2019 - Partipcate in the future of the Afghanistan! Date subject to change

10 November (Sunday) The Prophet's Birthday (Holiday*)

Fall 2019 Semester

17/August - 19/August - New Faculty Orientation
20/August - Faculty In-Service Week Workshops begin
Start date for classes is scheduled for 27/August/2019
28/September (Saturday) Election Day* 
End date tentatively is scheduled for 19/December/2019
31/December (Tuesday) Final grades available to students through PowerCampus Self-Service
Full 2019 Fall calendar dates to be posted on April 25, 2019
Spring 2020 Semester - all dates to be posted by June 2019!
26-28/January (Sunday-Tuesday) New Student Orientation - tentative
29/January (Wednesday) First day of classes (Academy, UG, MBA) - tentative
21/March (Saturday) Nowruz (National Holiday)
22/May (Friday) Graduation! 


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