The Registrar’s Office posts on this webpage a collection of all the academic related polices relevant to students during their studies here at AUAF. The website is intended to provide a convenient reference for all members of the AUAF community. 

Renewal of our policies is currently underway and will be added here as they become available very soon. To assist in understanding these policies and regulations, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

For other institutional policies, procedures, and/or guidelines please refer to the following departments:

  • ●  For policy, procedures, and/or guidelines on recruitment, employment, and other personnel related matters visit Human Resources.
  •   For tuition information and policies, please visit Student Finance.
  •   For financial policies and regulations, please visit the Finance Office.
  •   For building policies, please visit Facilities.
  •   For information technology policies or standards, please visit the IT Department.
  •   For information on student rights and responsibilities, please visit the Dean of Students and Student Affairs.

We endeavor to keep this page up-to-date with the most current version of policies as they are approved after a rigorous consultative and approval process. Although regularly updated, the University will not be liable or responsible for any damages arising from discrepancies between the policies published here and the policy documents formally approved by the President, as the latter shall be the governing version. If any person is relying upon these policies for legal purposes, they should obtain a copy of the official version in writing, to the Registrar’s Office at

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