Women's Scholarship Endowment (WSE) Scholarships

About WSE Program

The Women’s Scholarship Endowment (WSE) Activity aims to assist Afghan women obtain a university education in a field of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM), so that they may overcome barriers to employment, raising their incomes, and in developing leadership roles within their families, communities, and in both public and private sector organizations. 

WSE provides scholarships for tuition and student stipend. Students attending any private or public university in Afghanistan are eligible to apply.

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General Scholarship Fund and Financial Aid

Any amount of money, large or small, can be donated to our general scholarship fund. This fund is for students who are not recipients of full scholarships, but still require some form of financial aid in order to attend AUAF. Donations can be made through our 501(c)3 fundraising arm, the Friends of AUAF, here.

One-Year Scholarships
$17,000 will fully support one AUAF student with tuition, room, and board for one full academic year. (30 credits per year)

Endowed Named Scholarships
Generations of Afghan students will benefit from the generosity of an endowed scholarship in the amount of $250,000. The interest accrued from the scholarship will fund the education for one student each year, for as long as the university is in operation. An endowment may be named by the donor and can be tailored to focus on areas of particular interest, such a student’s major, place of origin (province), or gender. Donors will also receive regular updates from sponsored students.

President’s Endowed Scholarship
A named gift of $1 million will provide the highest level of scholarship to five outstanding students in need of substantial financial aid each and every year.

Trustee’s Endowed Scholarship
A named gift of $500,000 will provide each year a scholarship to two or more AUAF students in need of substantial financial aid.

Scholars’ Fund
The students of AUAF are Afghanistan’s future visionaries. However, for many students life is tough. Behind their bright faces are often distressing stories of multiple commitments, financial constraints, and sleepless nights. Many students work two or three jobs to earn enough to support their education. Their nightly 5-hours of work (after full-time classes during the day) may earn as little as $100 USD a month. However, these students are determined. They remain hopeful of future opportunities.

The support that AUAF students receive today will have a lifelong impact. AUAF faculty and staff are first-hand witnesses to the talent and potential of the student population.

The Scholars’ Fund allows for faculty and staff to provide financial support to students who would otherwise not be able to attend AUAF. The Fund goes towards assisting students in financial need. The fund is formed solely from the generous contributions of faculty and staff.

Last year, in its first year of operation, the fund reached $26,000. This year, the fund is already at $51,000. No amount is too small. Individuals make monthly contributions or one-time gifts. Presently, monthly contributions by faculty and staff range from $10 all the way to $1000. Contributors may also earmark funds to a particular student if they so desire. U.S. citizens are eligible for a charitable deduction for U.S. tax purposes (learn more).

With your help, AUAF can work to ensure that all students – regardless of their financial situation – have the opportunity to reach their full potential and become Afghanistan’s future leaders.

Financial Aid
Students are awarded financial aid during their first year of admission to be reviewed each semester. To maintain eligibility students must meet the minimum GPA requirements during their first semester. If a student falls below the minimum GPA requirements in their first semester they will not be eligible for financial aid in their second semester.

The support that AUAF students receive today will have a lifelong impact. AUAF faculty and staff are first-hand witnesses to the talent and potential of the student population.

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