The Student Finance Office administers and oversees all matters related to tuition payments and other charges students incur while studying at AUAF. 

Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (except during holidays, university-wide events, and/or training sessions)

Questions? Call 0794 558 926 during office hours

Contact Student Finance at  

Financial Aid Application Form (for new fall 2019 students) to be posted in July 2019.

Student Finance Manual

Student Financial Assistant Program Overview


Tuition fees for Academy, Undergraduate and Graduate program 2019/2020



Per credit fees



AFN 28,150/per credit (including prep courses)



AFN 15,550/per credit (including developmental courses)


Academy Program

AFN 15,550/per credit (including developmental courses)



AFN 750 per day (subject to availability)


Testing Fees: March 2017 and onward

  • English Placement Test  AFN 1,000
  • Entrance Test                AFN 3,500

Payment Plan

For students without Financial Aid there is a payment plan available for monthly installments during the semester. The payment is due before the last working day of the month. For more information please contact Student Finance for details. There is a small service fee to setup a payment plan. Students on Financial Aid are not eligible for the installment payments. 

Financial Aid

Current undergraduate and academy students as well as applicants who meet the requirements for undergraduate admission may be considered for financial assistance from the university for tuition. To receive financial assistance, students must be registered for a minimum of nine credit hours per semester. University sponsored financial assistance is not available during the summer term. Students with fewer than nine credit hours and/or who do not maintain standard academic progress (2.0 GPA or higher PLUS completion of credits from the prior semester - with no withdraws and no failing grades in any classes including developmental coursework) will lose their financial assistance. GPA is calculated each semester and session - a GPA of less than a 2.0 in a semester/session means the loss of financial aid in the following semester. Once the student is able to get both their GPA and overall GPA above 2.0 then they are able to reapply for Financial Aid.

Meal plans are not covered by Financial Aid. Financial Aid for housing is available in limited circumstances depending on availability. The maximum allowed for housing financial aid is 40% unless funded through a donor. Financial aid for housing is also contingent on maintaining the minimum academic progress. Housing is also contingent on space availability. 

Bank Wire Transfer Information

All tuition and fees must be paid in Afghanis. AUAF does not accept any other currency except Afghanis. Students may either pay their tuition fees by cash to the AUAF Finance Office or make bank deposit/transfer to AUAF’s designated bank accounts. Students who make bank transfer should cover all the bank charges. In addition, such students should notify the AUAF Finance Office for the bank deposit/transfer by submitting a copy of bank confirmation as soon as the bank deposit is made.

Below is the AUAF’s bank account information:
Beneficiary Name: The American University of Afghanistan
Account number: 0500101000092117
Bank Name: Afghanistan International Bank (AIB)
Bank Address: Shahabuddin Watt, Haji Yaqoub Square
Shahr‐e‐Naw, Dist No 10, Kabul, Afghanistan
Currency: AFN
Swift Code: AFIBAFKA

Make sure to include your ID number and program on all bank wire transfers. 


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