MoHE's Five-Year Accreditation Letter - February 2018

APQN Membership Certificate - March 2019

Meeting schedule for 2019:

January 25 - Meeting to discuss ACBSP accreditation

February 12 - Meeting to discuss APQN accreditation

March 25 - Meeting agenda to be announced

April 15 - Renew accreditation reports

May 12 - Accreditation review efforts

June 3 - Data standardization collection and review

June 10 - MoHE Second Phase Review

June 17 - Data dictionary terminology

In March 2019, AUAF was awarded institutional member status by the Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) for the quality initiative work during the 2018/2019 academic year. 

In February 2018, AUAF was awarded full accreditation by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). This process of six years was a thorough assessment of faculty, students, administration, and stakeholders. AUAF is proud to be accredited through the MoHE. 

Mission and Objectives

Accreditation is one of the most important strategic objectives of the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF). The mission of the Center of Excellence and Quality Assurance is to lead, evaluate, support and coordinate all accreditation activities at AUAF across all departments. It is housed under the Office of the Provost and includes the following key personnel for 2018/2019:

  1. Dr Kenneth Holland, University President
  2. Dr Jeff Belnap, Provost
  3. Dr Andrew Starcher, Dean of Faculty
  4. Dr Arni Arnthorsson (Chair of Business)
  5. Ghizaal Haress (Chair of Law)
  6. Prof Christopher Henderson (Professor of English)
  7. Dr Christine Murray (Professor of Humanities)
  8. Ian C Pye (Director of Institutional Reporting) - joined late spring 2019
  9. Dr Julie Holland (University Registrar) 
  10. Paul Penton (Director of Student Life)
  11. Paul Revere (Vice Provost)

Meetings are open to all faculty, administrators and students and meet the second and fourth Thursday of each month during the semesters. They are held in room 101F of the Women's Center from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. Data Standards meetings are held each Monday throughout the semester at 8:30am in the Women's Center room 101F. All staff and faculty are welcome to attend. 

The Center of Excellence and Quality Assurance ensures a culture of continuous self-assessment in all academic areas and excellence in higher education at AUAF. It provides assistance and leadership to all faculty, staff and the AUAF community in this collaborative process with the ultimate goals of Afghan as well as US accreditation. Our principles are continued the critical reflection, thorough analysis, mindful planning and consistent implementation.

The American University of Afghanistan is admitted as a member of CHEA's International Quality Group (CIQG)

AUAF has been admitted to CHEA's International Quality Group (CIQG). CHEA - the Council for Higher Education Accreditation   - A national advocate and institutional voice for self-regulation of academic quality through accreditation, is an association of 3,000 degree-granting colleges and universities and recognizes 60 institutional and programmatic accrediting organizations. CHEA is often called "the accreditor of the accreditors".

-The CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) - of which AUAF is now a member - is a forum for colleges, universities, accrediting and quality assurance organizations and others worldwide to address issues and challenges focused on quality and quality assurance in an international setting.

To learn more about CHEA and about CIQG - check out the links below:

Timeline of the Accreditation Process at AUAF:

05/Sept/2011 Steering Committee Established

01/Oct/2011 Taskforce structure created; changes drafted, Task Force convened and work begins. Standards Committee formed. Weekly accreditation meetings begin

17/Oct/2011 NEASC Self-Study Workshop. Dr J Killen Shah and Robert Rice attend.

05/Dec/2011 NEASC Annual Meeting

01/Feb/2012 Task Force reports due

01/May/2012 Draft of Self-Study completed

01/Sept/2012 Draft of Self-Study distributed to campus community

Oct-Nov/2012 Campus-wide discussion of Self-Study

01/Dec/2012 Final version of Self-Study completed

Spring 2013 First stage of the MoHE accreditation process started (five stages total)

01/May/2013 MoHE Self-Assessment report completed

01/Sept/2013 Phase I Self-Assessment report submitted to MoHE

15/Sept/2013 Center of Excellence and Quality Assurance established at AUAF

11/Nov/2013 MoHE site visit to AUAF for self-assessment review

01/Dec/2013 Revision requested by MoHE / Revised Phase I Self-Assessment report started

15/Dec/2013 Phase I Self-Assessment version 2 submitted to MoHE

05/Jan/2014 Phase I of the self-assessment process approved by the MoHE

17/Feb/2014 Phase II of the MoHE self-assessment process started


Fall 2014 Review of facilities and academic programs by the MoHE

15/April/2014 MoHE training on the accreditation stage two process

22/October/2014 Phase II self-assessment report submitted to the MoHE accreditation office.

November 2015 - Resubmission of the second self-assessment report according to the revised standards.


Summer 2016 - Submission of the third and final self-assessment report.


Summer 2016 - Established Center for Teaching and Learning


08/April/2017 - MoHE sends site visit team to AUAF to review self-assessment report.


As part of the Afghan accreditation process, the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) conduct an official three-day long MoHE site visit between 6-10 April.

The site visit team consists of the following members:

  • Prof. Mujtaba Mahnawi (Kandahar University),
  • Prof. Shams-ul-Rahman Adil (Nangarhar University),
  • Prof. Abdul Manan Paigham (Kabul Medical University)


28/June/2016 - AUAF passes the second phase with the highest score among all public and private universities and has been admitted to the third phase.

31/October - 02/November/2016 MoHE Workshop on Third Phase Accreditation Process with information for peer reviewers.

01/November/2016 Phase III Self-Assessment report final version submitted to the MoHE accreditation office along with supporting documents.

13-15/December/2016 - AUAF attends MoHE Accreditation conference Delhi, India in coordination with British Council, USWDP (through USAID), and World Bank


02/January/2017 - Visit from MoHE CEQA Team Dr Sadat and Assoc Prof Dr Abdul Qayeum Karim to review quality of online course offerings

January - February 2017 - Final phase of the accreditation cycle

February 2017 - Scheduled accreditation team review

March 2017 - Completed the new MoHE accreditation process


April 2017 - Site accreditation Team visits AUAF for review of Self-Assessment Report


08-10/July/2017 - Attended the MoHE conference on Accreditation Framework improvement.


April 2017 - MoHE QAAD Site visit accreditation team visits to review accreditation documents and to speak with students.


September 2017 - Submission of the Focused Self-Assessment Report. AUAF was tasked to work on three key criteria (Criteria 3, 7, and 8) and submitted evidence of accomplishing the task.


February 2018 - MoHE QAAD Site Team returns for a visit to review Focused Self-Assessment Report.


14/February/2018 - MoHE approves AUAF for full accreditation for five years.

Spring 2019 - Formal ceremony to be scheduled at the MoHE to recognize AUAF's accreditation status

2017/2018 CEQA Committee Membership:

  • Dr Kenneth Holland, University President
  • Dr Zaher Wahab (Chair of the MA Program, Director of the Center of Teaching & Learning)
  • Dr Rod Monger (Chair of the MBA program)
  • Dr John Wall (Chair of the English and Humanities)
  • Dr Jesus Pascal (Chair of the Math and Science)
  • Ms Ghizaal Haress (Chair of Law)
  • Mr Gilbert Lopez (Director of Library)
  • Prof Christopher Henderson (Professor of English)
  • Dr Christine Murray (Professor of Humanities)
  • Ms Gina Cinali (Director of Institutional Reporting)
  • Dr Julie Holland (University Registrar) 
  • Mr Paul Penton (Director of Student Affairs)

2016/2017 CEQA Committee Membership:

  • Mr David Sedney, University President (appointed in September 2016)
  • Dr Timor Saffary, Provost
  • Dr Zaher Wahab (Chair of the MA Program, Director of the Center of Teaching & Learning)
  • Dr Rod Monger (Chair of the MBA program)
  • Dr John Wall (Chair of the English and Humanities)
  • Dr Jesus Pascal (Chair of the Mathematics and Science)
  • Ms Ghizaal Haress (Chair of Law)
  • Dr Spogmai Askeer (University Registrar) 
  • Ms Cara Powers (Acting Director of Student Affairs)


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