The AUAF Admissions Office is responsible for all aspects pertaining to the recruitment of prospective students and navigation through the admissions process. Student recruitment is an integral part of the success of both the university and the student body. By recruiting highly qualified students, the Admissions Office enables continued success of the university and development of a dynamic student body. Working throughout Afghanistan with government officials, educators and community leaders, the office arranges recruitment and testing opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds. All admission testing is handled through the office to ensure that the integrity of testing is not compromised. To enable such recruitment opportunities the office promotes the university through television, radio and print media.

The office also manages all merit-based scholarship opportunities. Working jointly with AUAF’s donor relations personnel, the Admissions Office assists in the search and selection of qualified students for such opportunities. The Admissions Office assures the selection process for scholarships is transparent with no preferential selection made based upon race, gender or creed.

The Admissions Office is dedicated to improving our services in response to the university’s needs. Constantly in search of better ways to increase community outreach, the team of professionals working in the Admissions Office are dedicated to finding new ways to use emerging technology and data to enhance the efficiency, convenience, accuracy, and effectiveness of our services.

Admission to a university is a daunting challenge. To ensure a solid understanding of the process, the Admissions Office works closely with all students to ensure proper procedures are followed. Evaluation of both student and student records prior to admittance to the university is integral to ensuring that AUAF is in compliance with the Ministry of Higher Education’s requirements. Our office works toward compliance with the U.S. code of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as well as the university policy on confidentiality, to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and security of students’ academic records.



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