The deadline for fall 2021 BA/Undergraduate program intake is 17 June 2021 


How to Apply

  1. Complete the online English Placement Test
  2. Fill out the undergraduate online application form
  3. Take the Duolingo online test
  4. Submit the following documents to
  • Attested high school diploma(1-2)  or completion confirmation letter from your high school.
  • High school transcript.
  • One recent passport size photo (JPG format)
  • A color photocopy of your E- Tazkira and Passport.
  • Proof of English language proficiency (if available - see below)

English Language Proficiency Requirement

For direct admission into the BA/Undergraduate program, you must meet the English Language Proficiency requirement. You can meet the requirement through the following:

1- Submit a previously taken English Test:

a-Duolingo online test

  • 90 or above score

b-TOEFL Test administered in Afghanistan:

  • 500 or above score in ITP
  • 61 or above score in iBT

c-6 or above score in IELTS.

(TOEFL iBT and IELTS scores are accepted upon presentation of an official score report from an accredited center. TOEFL PBT can be taken at AUAF*).

Note: Applicants with a Duolingo score between 70 – 85 will be eligible for the English Academy program. Please click here for more information on the English Academy Program.

2.   You hold a high school diploma from an international school where the language of instruction is English. (In such a case, your transcript will be reviewed and a decision will be made accordingly).

Note: AUAF does not exempt from language requirements solely on the basis of citizenship.

* Due to the current health situation arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic, TOEFL PBT testing at the AUAF Campus has been temporarily suspended. Although we are hopeful that testing will resume in the near future, we are currently reviewing alternative methods for students to meet the English Language Proficiency requirement.

For more information call us at 0797 200 400 / 0794 800 400 or email to

For a BA/Undergraduate PDF application form click here, If you cannot open the link, obtain a form in person or through email from the Admissions Office.


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