AUAF Academy

The Academy Program provides students with the appropriate skills in English, math and IT to succeed in an English-only instruction in their undergraduate programs. Students whose language skills do not meet the requirements necessary to enter the undergraduate program will begin in Academy 098 and spend two (2) semesters in the Academy.

Students follow an intensive program of approximately 15-18 hours per week for approximately 15 weeks, followed by an examination to assess their readiness to move upward within the program. Coursework contains a variety of skills including mathematics, information technology, and English, and college credit may be awarded for students who place in high-level mathematics and computer class. Progress is assessed throughout the semester and in order to remain eligible students must meet minimum attendance and academic requirements. Students must show continued academic progress to remain in the Academy Program. Upon successfully completing the program, students are eligible to move on to the undergraduate program. Financial aid is contingent on continuation in the program and passing all coursework (C grades or higher in all courses, C- or lower will remove financial aid eligibility).

Classes are held four (4) days a week during the morning hours and include writing, thinking and study skills, reading, grammar, math, and IT courses. Students have access to all the campus academic facilities and cafeteria during normal operational hours. These courses will help prepare students to enter the university as an undergraduate student. 

Course topics include:

  • Projects, speeches, presentations, and information literacy.
  • Students focus on the fundamentals of academic English in preparation for undergraduate studies.
  • Students work on strengthening written, reading, and conversational skills in an academic setting.
  • The focus of the class shifts in the second semester towards advanced academic content based on the skills of reading, writing, critical thinking, and information literacy.
  • The English courses focus is on formal and advanced reading, writing, and thinking skills.
  • The Math and ITC courses focus on preparing students for science, math, and analytic thinking.

The deadline for spring 2021 Academy program intake is 17 June 2021 

Requirements and how to apply:

  1. Complete the online English Placement Test
  2. Fill out the undergraduate online application form
  3. Take the Duolingo online test
  4. Submit the following documents to
  • Attested high school diploma or completion confirmation letter from your high school.
  • High school transcript.
  • One recent passport size photo (JPG format)
  • A color photocopy of your E- Tazkira and Passport.
  • Proof of English language proficiency (if available - see below)

TOEFL Test administered in Kabul and regionally: 440+ or above scores of PBT; 42 or above scores of iBT; 70 or above scores of Duolingo; 5.0 or above scores of IELTS. (iBT and IELTS scores are accepted upon presentation of an official score report from an accredited center).

For more information and/or application materials please contact Admissions at or call 0797 200 400 / 0794 800 400.

Our next admission cycle for this program is fall 2021, admissions are now closed for the spring 2021 semester for the Academy Program.

Financial aid is limited in this program and is merit-based. Eligibility for continued financial aid is assessed from semester to semester based on academic standing. 

Costs for each credit (including developmental courses) are 15,550 Afs/credit for the 2019/2021 academic year. A typical semester for the tuition of 15 credits would be 233,250 Afs in the 2021 academic year. Transportation, dorms, and meals are not included in the tuition pricing. 


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