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Frequently Asked Admissions Questions (FAQ)

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions about how do I get into the University

  1. What undergraduate degrees does AUAF offer?

AUAF offers Four (4) undergraduate degrees in the following fields:

These are all “Bachelor Degrees”

They all require completion of a core curriculum, concentration and approved electives which fulfil the credit requirements based on the major.


  1. What Master degrees does AUAF offer?

AUAF offers one (1) graduate degree:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


  1. What is the fee structure and requirement for MBA?

The MBA requires completion of 39 semester credits course work plus 6 credits to the required thesis.

AUAF and MoHE have specific requirements which will be applied during the program, as well.  AUAF remains in completion with prevailing MoHE requirements.

A tuition fee of   26500 AFN is charged per credit.

  1. Is there any priority for the students who are coming from provinces?

AUAF does not discriminate on the basis of any origin, national, ethnic, racial, religious, sex, family status, mobility challenge, or veteran status.  However, we view with favor applications from women from all provinces, especially those currently underserved and those who are interested in pursuing degrees and course work in information technology

  1. Do you offers any scholarship for Spring 2018 and what is the requirement and when is the deadline for application?

AUAF operates with rolling admission and early admission decisions that favor strong candidates applying for financial aid and who commit to AUAF early in the admissions cycle.   

In order to be considered for financial aid, your application package should be complete and in our Office of Admissions by January 10th, 2018.

All other external scholarship programs within AUAF will be announced o social and other media.

  1. Is there any full scholarship opportunity for male students?

Yes, in the past AUAF has extended scholarships to both male and female students showing academic promise.  Students seeking scholarships must keep an eye on the announcement of the full scholarships offered through social media platforms.

  1. Is AUAF accredited?  Are AUAF degrees accredited and acceptable in and outside Afghanistan? 

AUAF is licensed to operate and grant degrees in Afghanistan, and is in the penultimate stage of local, institutional accreditation.  

AUAF is in the third stage of accreditation with the MoHE of Afghanistan and has received the highest score in the second phase of accreditation.

Participating in the accreditation process shows our commitment to work collaboratively with all departments and to meet and exceed the standards set forth by Afghanistan.

In the past our graduates have acquired prominent positions in various sectors, as well as acceptance to prestigious universities around the world, based on their performance at AUAF.

  1. I got 470 score on the TOEFL exam and I want to study MBA.   Am I eligible to apply to AUAF’s MBA program?

In your case the AUAFACADEMY will be your best chance for you to enhance your academic English skills, in order to succeed in a rigorous university program.

This new and innovative daytime program prepares students for academic success by improving their English language proficiency, entry level Mathematics skills, by providing training in research methods, and good academic practices.  These are skills needed to enter and successfully complete a demanding curriculum and earn a degree from AUAF.

Admission to AUAF’s MBA program generally requires a score of 510 or above on the TOEFL.  For further guidance, you may set up an appointment with one of our professors who teach in the business programs.  (To be reviewed by Business).


  1. Is there a TOEFL preparation class available?

Yes, there are two types of TOEFL preparation available to prepare students for undergraduate program.  There is also preparation for external TOEFL which is under our Professional Development Institute (PDI)

  1. When is the best time for a 12th grade student to apply to AUAF?

As soon as possible, as our admissions process is competitive, as is our financial aid allocation.

  1. Is there any scholarship offered for MBA?

There is no scholarship for the MBA program.

  1. What are AUAF’s core admission requirements?

We are seeking enthusiastic candidates that show strong academic potential and an appetite for critical thinking, learning, leadership… the type of person who will be tomorrow’s leader in all sectors of the Afghan economy.  To recruit the best and the brightest, we look at your high-school scores/transcript, your score on the Kankur (when available), the score you achieve on our English placement test and mathematics test, and your subsequent score on a TOEFL –TITP.  When you visit our campus, you will be asked to write a few brief statements in answer to a few questions, which will change with each admissions test.  This allows us to gauge your command of English, your way of expressing yourself, and get a “feel” for the kind of applicant and person you are.   Please do not worry, there is not preparation required for this part, there is nothing to study for.

  1. I cannot afford AUAF’s tuition, but I would like to study there, what is the best way for me to apply for financial assistance or scholarship?

Apply as soon as possible.  Applicants showing academic potential and seriousness of purpose will be considered for financial assistance.  However, the process is competitive, and the sooner you apply, the better your chances or receiving financial assistance.   A Minimum score of 500 on the TOEFL exam plus a school transcript with a high percentage are required for consideration.

  1. Is AUAF’s degree different than other public and private universities?

YES! AUAF is deeply committed to an American Style Education System known as “Liberal Arts Education”.

This means that we focus on “the whole person” and treat each student as an individual.  This type of education offers; indeed requires, that you engage in critical thinking and it allows you breadth and depth, so that you graduate as a well-rounded person.  This is why all great universities in the world expect you to master certain skills and having an appreciation for a wide range of subjects (breadth) in addition to a deep knowledge in your field of concentration (depth). 

We also expect you to become involved in students life and activities, to engage with and help others engage as well, and to have fun while you learn.   You are expected to bring your own perspectives to each topic and to question the answers, don’t just answer the questions. 

An AUAF education equips you to be a life-long learner.  Engagement of students is one of our focus areas for student development. We teach you how to learn.  Many of today’s jobs may not exist when you graduate; other, new jobs that we cannot imagine at this point will become available in the future.   An AUAF – Liberal Arts education equips you to adapt to change, to think on your feet, to be nimble enough to adjust to all the exciting uncertainties of the future.  Underpinning all of this is academic rigor in a demanding curriculum.  We push you to become the best that you can be.

Employers consistently state that graduates of American Style Liberal Arts universities produce the best and ultimately most successful candidates for demanding jobs.

  1. What will happen to me after graduation from AUAF?

While you are studying at AUAF, you will find a lot of opportunities.  AUAF holds its career fair each year as well as other tremendous events which give you the chance to make connections and to interact with professionals in different sectors.   AUAF will serve as a platform from which you can grow and equip yourself not only academically but also professionally within the professional environment.

  1. What Other academic and professional activities are offered and supported at AUAF?

AUAF offers it Pre-College AUAFACADEMY (brand this somehow) program at its main campus in Kabul.  This new and innovative daytime program prepares students for academic success by improving their English language proficiency, entry level Mathematics skills, by providing training in research methods good academic integrity practices.  These are all skills needed to enter and successfully complete a demanding curriculum and earn a degree from AUAF. 

ACADEMY students have access to all university facilities, such as library and learning technologies, sports and recreational facilities, cafeteria, on-campus lectures and presentations.  ACADEMY students are in every way part of the AUAF Family.

The Professional Development Institute offers a broad range of training and education courses throughout Afghanistan to private business, non-profit agencies, NGOs, and governments.  The Institute draws on the expertise of the faculty of the American university of Afghanistan and others to provide courses custom tailored to specific needs as well as courses offered on an open enrollment basis.  This expertise includes English language training, business administration and management, public administration, and information technology. 

AUAF also offers a variety of student clubs which students can join for extra-curricular activity.  These clubs help students to engage within the student community and to be involved in different initiatives based on interest.   Throughout the years, AUAF students have been able to address great achievements and enhance their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Aside from these programs, AUAF gives a broad opportunity to further enhance our skills as well as encouraging you to be a leader in the future.  Internship, work-study and competitions are just a few examples of these opportunities.

  1. How is student life at AUAF?

Students come from different provinces to American University of Afghanistan.  The Freshman Year Experience (FYE) program provides students with the knowledge and skills to be successful at AUAF Academic performance skills, understanding the university’s culture, policies, expectations, self-management skills, time management and other topics are covered.

Students at AUAF are assigned an academic advisor who assists them in the navigation of the university’s academic requirements to complete their respective degree.  Freshman (0-30 credits completed) are assigned a professional academic advisor in the Office of Student Affairs.  Students are eligible to declare their academic major after  they have completed 30 credits and have at least a 2.5 Grade Point Average ( GPA).  Once a student is accepted into their major, they are assigned an advisor within their academic department.

AUAF provides limited housing options in university-run male and female residence halls, which are located on campus.  Priority for housing assignment is given to enrolled, full-time, undergraduate students.  Part-time, evening, and/or non-degree students are housed on a space-available basis only.

  1. Do you offer testing in the provinces?  Are there any branches of AUAF in provinces

Occasionally, the university’s recruitment team travels to some provinces where security situation permits. Please check the university’s website and social media pages for update.

  1. Are classes taught by national or international instructors?

AUAF has a cadre of internationally qualified instructors from around the world, including from Afghanistan.

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What is the best way to talk to an Admission Officer at AUAF to begin application process?

There are multiple ways of communication with AUAF’s Admission Office. If you are interested in visiting the university, please send an email and your Tazkira Number to: admissions@auaf.edu.af and an Admission Officer will get back to you to schedule your appointment.

AUAF’s website and social media pages are regularly updated to reflect updates on admission cycle, deadlines and scholarship opportunities.