Afghan University Students Display their IT Skills

AUAF’s STM Department organized an IT POSTER DAY on February 27 in collaboration with Kabul Polytechnic, Kabul, Rana, Avicenna, and Gawharshad Universities.

The event's goal is to extend the visibility of students' creativity beyond a classroom. The participants presented their projects through posters to audiences from AUAF community and other participating universities. 

Of the 64 participants, female students comprised 49% of the IT poster presenters. AUAF-STM Acting Chair, Dr. Sami Naji, presented all participants with certificates of appreciation in recognition of their effort and hardwork. The joint selection committee also awarded three 'best poster' prizes. The first poster award was granted to Shahzada Masood Asir (AUAF), the second to Mohammad Tahir (Rana University), and the third award went to Maryam Faizi (GAWHARSHAD University).

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