Art Lords and AUAF Collaboration

On Wednesday, February 14th, AUAF’s communications department in collaboration with the ArtLords, organized an art event at AUAF. The purpose of this event was to start the art journey officially and introduce students to the ArtLords. The event started with a wonderful moral painting by volunteer students, under guidance of ArtLords. To support this initiative, Dr. Holland, president AUAF, and Julie Holland, the First Lady, also joined students in painting the artwork. The event ended with a short keynote speech by Dr. Holland, and Omaid Sharifi, president and co-founder of Artlord, during the exhibition of the artworks of ArtLords.
AUAF signed a MoU with ArtLords in August of 2017 to help bring in art culture to the AUAF community and engage students through mural painting and the fostering of an AUAF Art Club. AUAF believes this is an important step towards expanding AUAF's relationship with the wider community and spreading its message of peace.

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