AUAF Accreditation

Press Release
14th, February, 2018

The American University of Afghanistan is proud to announce its accreditation through the Ministry of Higher Education of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The American University of Afghanistan is the first private university in the country to be considered as a fully accredited institution of higher education. Based on the framework of the Accreditation Directorate, any public and private university operating in Afghanistan, implementing the minimum criteria of the accreditation process and that are able to get the minimum score of 85 through the Accreditation Directorate in the third phase, is considered as an accredited institute and is entitled to all rights and privileges for five years.

The American University of Afghanistan successfully earned 89.33 points and effective February 14th, 2018, it is considered a fully accredited institution. The official certificate of accreditation will be issued during a ceremony.

The American University of Afghanistan is proud to serve the Afghan youth as the finest private university in the country. We are committed to continue training the future leaders of Afghanistan.

Dr. Kenneth Holland, President
American University of Afghanistan

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