AUAF and University of Nebraska initiate partnership

Following AUAF’s accreditation from the Ministry of Higher education, Dr. Holland, President of AUAF and faculty members from business department of AUAF visited the University of Nebraska in Omaha to partner with them on our curriculum development and international accreditation efforts. This is a wonderful partnership between American University of Afghanistan and an internationally recognized business school in the United States. University of Nebraska in Omaha has worked in Afghanistan for the past 45 years in education.

This partnership will develop and promote the benefits of research opportunities between the two countries and enhance AUAF’s online high-tech expertise for creating blended learning classroom experiences. A critical focus for the partnership will be on economic development for Afghanistan by aiding in the transfer of technology, entrepreneurship, and business skills between the universities and best academic practices. This partnership will also raise AUAF’s international profile and promote greater mobility of our students as they look for employment and post-graduate opportunities.

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