AUAF Hosted a Multi-University Workshop

AUAF hosted a multi-university workshop attend by more than 100 participants from universities, government, NGO's, and the private sector.
The theme of the workshop was “What can Universities do to support economic growth in the private sector in Afghanistan?”, and “How universities can help students become more entrepreneurial? ”. The event was initiated by AUAF's collaboration with Kandahar University and the goal was sharing of knowledge, advancing the spirit and capabilities of entrepreneurship to encourage economic development in Afghanistan, especially in value-added sectors of agriculture. The workshop included a broad network of other institutions of higher education (including Kabul University and Kardan University), the Ministry of Agriculture, USAID, ACCI and private sector partners to formulate actions that support economic growth in the private sector in Afghanistan.
AUAF's Haseeb Daudzai, Student Government (SGA) President lead a multi-university panel of student leaders to discuss what could universities do to help promote private sector/agribusiness. Other panels featured professors from the 4 universities discussing private sector growth and ideas to spark the agri-business sector.

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