AUAF Hosted its First Annual Conference (ALSPA 2020) on Peace, Human Rights, and Gender Politics.

American University of Afghanistan hosted the first annual conference of the Afghanistan Law, Political Science and Sharia Association on January 21-23, 2020. It was jointly hosted by the Law and Political Science Departments of AUAF and organized in collaboration with Legal Education Support-Afghanistan (LESPA) and Afghan-U.S. Law Alumni Association (ALAA). Multiple panels were held covering a range of topics including peace and conflict resolution, human rights, gender politics, constitutional design, political pluralism, and quality research and publication methods. The participants represented over 40 departments/faculties from 25 universities (from 21 provinces) and more than 10 international, public and private organizations. The organizers especially thank 15 student-volunteers from the political science, law, and business departments who were instrumental in organizing the conference.  

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