AUAF Leads Its Alumni to Successful Entrepreneurship and Innovation

It’s no secret that AUAF's Business Administration degree leads students to successful entrepreneurship and innovation, based on the number of our students have gone on to create their own start-ups.
Behroz Siddiqui, AUAF’s Bachelor of Business Administration alumnus, class of 2019, has recently initiated a diet food delivery service called “Healthy Meal”.
Healthy Meal is a diet food delivery service and its goal is to serve ready-to-eat, healthy and organic dishes, at a reasonable price. Healthy Meal promotes healthier eating habits with controlled meal portions that are both tasty and satisfying. “We prepare meals to make it easier for people to adjust to a stricter diet plan and either gain or lose weight” explained Behroz Siddiqui. He adds, “AUAF prepares its students for the outside world with many modes of educational techniques and utilizes technology to advance students’ understanding of every aspect of the classes they take.”
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