AUAF Organizes Blood Drive To Support Crises


On November 15, 2015 American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) held bi-annual blood drive. It was organized by the student Community Service Club in collaboration with ZWAN family charity,  Afghan blood-bank and Westex Medical Solutions.

AUAF faculty, staff and students donated hundreds of units of blood, which will be used to support Afghan National army and other crises.

"It was a special moment to bring all the community together. It is a gift of life to someone who desperately need it," said Mohammad Tawab Ali, Community Service Club President. "It is a great opportunity to help Afghanistan in these troubled times, specially the Afghan National army."

Angela Millar, Assistant Professor of the Humanities and Geography, thanked everybody who donated blood and said "donated blood is a lifeline for many people and maintaining a regular supply of blood to all the people of Afghanistan is not easy. Through the services of the Afghan Blood Bank, Westex and the Community Service Club, we have made this happen."

Community service club, along with other student clubs provide AUAF students with opportunities to express their views on variety of issues of 

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