AUAF Political Science Club Hosts the First of its “Impact” Series

The Political Science Club hosted Deputy Minister (DM) of Women's Affairs (MoWA) Hosna Jalil on March 11, 2021 in a wide ranging discussion on some of the critical issues that MoWA is addressing. This session was particularly impactful, since Ms. Jalil is an AUAF MBA grad who has gone on to impressive achievements in both corporate and governmental roles. Political Science Club President Ahmadullah Azadani welcomed DM Jalil who opened her presentation fondly recalling her time at AUAF and the positive impact AUAF has had in her life. She stressed that to succeed one must dream, then work to “create opportunities around those dreams”. DM Jalil stressed that women’s rights issues are a ‘red line’ for the Afghan negotiators in Doha, “not to preserve, but to progress women’s rights”. Following her presentation, Professor Omar Sadr moderated an extensive Q&A session marked with insightful questions from participating students and direct, thoughtful answers from the Deputy Minister. AUAF is already looking forward to a follow-up session with DM Jalil.

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