AUAF President Hosts an All-Community Meeting

On Tuesday March 30th, Dr. Ian Bickford, AUAF President, hosted an all-community meeting at AUAF’s international campus and online. This was Dr. Bickford’s first all community meeting as AUAF President, joined by Dr. Victoria Fontan, Vice President of Academic Affairs. Topics of presentation at the event included planning for staged reopening of the International and West Campuses, institutional resilience and growth, excellence in higher education: what it means today, and our role in Afghan society and global education: educating students in Afghanistan, educating the world about Afghanistan. “An important aspect of a university community is its ability to communicate with each other, ask hard questions together, and find answers together”, Dr. Bickford about the all-community event. Following the presentation, students were given the chance to share their questions, ideas, comments and feedback.
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