AUAF Presidential statement

As the President of the American University of Afghanistan, I am pained and saddened by events in the United States that show social justice, equality and human decency for all Americans is still a goal and not yet a reality. #BlackLivesMatter
In the US, killings and violence directed at black Americans continue, along with systematic racism that black Americans, and all Americans of color, face every day. Their voices must be listened to, actions to end violence and racism must be taken, change must happen. #BlackLivesMatter
AUAF is founded on core values of freedom and responsibility, democracy, free expression and inquiry, equal opportunity, individual rights, tolerance, and honorable personal and professional behavior.  These are human values.  But we are all too far from achieving these aspirations.  We must do more.
Here in Afghanistan and in the surrounding region, Afghans also face the reality of violence and killings by states and organized groups.  Justice, equality and peace are still distant goals.  The women, children and men brutalized by politically and ethnically motivated violence must be listened to, actions to end violence and ethnic division must be taken, change must happen.  #AfghanLivesMatter
But today and until change comes, I and the entire @AUAfghanistan community stand in solidarity with those who, suffer violence, racism and oppression.
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