AUAF provides “New Voices from Afghanistan” at Brookings (a leading US think tank)

On Tuesday January 12, the Brookings Institution partnered with the American University of Afghanistan in hosting “New Voices from Afghanistan”. Leaders in Afghan civil society and AUAF faculty members, Muska Dastgeer, Instructor of Gender, Peace and Security, Dr. Omar Sadr, Assistant Professor of Political Science, and Dr. Omar Sharifi, Senior Research Fellow and Kabul Director of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies participated in a panel discussion moderated by Michael O'Hanlon, Senior Fellow and Director of Research of Foreign Policy at Brookings, to discuss Afghanistan's "challenges, triumphs, and what they see in store for its future”.  Together, they urged patience with continued international engagement to allow Afghanistan to build its future. O’Hanlon described the discussion as a unique opportunity to hear from these representatives as the ’soul of the Afghan people and the hope for the future.”


Each of the panelists provided thoughtful insights  and perspectives on Afghanistan today along with recommendations on how the new Biden Administration should consider Afghanistan. Muska Dastgeer, described the “litany of ills that plague” the country and challenge the Afghan political system, while noting that “dismantling and destroying political structures comes at a very steep cost, which is instability”.  Dr. Sharifi pointed to the uncertainty arising from the talks in Doha as he described the “sense of abandonment (among Afghans) from outside,...triumphalism from Taliban.” Dr. Sadr described the "burning issue at the moment in Afghanistan is survival of self, because of the unprecedented level of targeted killing,...and survival of a republican system.”

Full video of the webinar:

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