AUAF Welcomes President Ian Bickford to Campus

March 1, 2021 marked an exciting milestone in AUAF’s history as Dr. Ian Bickford became the next President of the American University of Afghanistan. In his first message to the AUAF community, President Bickford described AUAF as "more than an excellent university. It is a university whose excellence has been wrestled from conflict and adversity throughout its young history; whose students come to us not only for reasons of personal ambition but to fulfill an inherent optimism that the world can become more secure, more equitable, and more just; and whose faculty and staff share an uncommon sense of mission and purpose. This is a powerful combination, to which we all contribute.” He emphasized the “real gift of higher education--that inclusive discourse and informed debate allow us to understand and express ourselves, but even more importantly to test our ideas together and converge on a more durable consensus. In an uncertain age, one certainty is that we are going to need this ability if we are to make the world what we want it to be."
Today, March 7, 2021, President Bickford begins his new role on the AUAF campus where he is already engaged in guiding AUAF to continue to grow, evolve, and achieve new dimensions of excellence. The entire AUAF community warmly welcomes President Bickford and we join with him as AUAF embarks on this era under his leadership.
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