AUAF's Biannual IT Day

On October 3, the lobby of the Bayat Institute of Technology buzzed with excitement as the STM Department, in close collaboration with the AUAF Computer Science Club (CSC), opened its second IT Day. In a two hour-long showcase,  students demonstrated their projects, along with games and other activities. The showcase was organized by student members of the CSC, Shahim Nadery, Sediqa Safa and Zahra Karimi with CSC President (and Adjunct Professor) Sayed Abid Hashimi and featured a diversity of projects ranging from apps to Tic-Tac-Toe to a cart-mounted Collision Detection System and Smart Writing Robot.  Students and faculty then gathered for a focus session on what STM is all about under the leadership of Dr. Maria del Mar De Fez Laso, Chair of the STM Department.  STM student, Bushra Naeemi shared some of her own excitement about STM: “I was confused about my major until I took my first IT class: Department’s faculty as always trying to bring up-to-date technology in department, also providing them with high class education, and as much facilities as possible. The AUAF degree program is preparing the students to be ready for local Afghan market and global market.”

At its showcase event, STM students demonstrated projects including: a mobile application for Student activities and guidance (BALAD); a visualization application for visualizing statistical data; an Open Source Bank Management system for managing accounts; a Tic-Tac-Toe game and a smart-responsive website for marketing.  Students were especially interested in testing two embedded system projects, the Collision Detection System and Smart Writing Robot, supervised by a new member of STM Division, Dr. Ahmad Al-Janad.

In follow-on presentations, Dr. Maria del Mar De Fez Laso shared some of the exciting developments of the Department, introducing new faculty, noting the significant jump in female majors.  Student speakers pointed to the state-of-the-art facilities and engagement of highly experienced instructors as key factors in drawing students to STM. Dr. Ala Abdulhakim Abdulaziz talked about the importance of IT in today’s world and announced a new STM concentration in Cyber Security. Professor Sami Naji gave a riveting talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI), the future and the importance of AI and our inevitable dependence on it. Dr. Ahmad Al-Janad discussed Embedded Systems and announced plans to start Embedded Systems and Hardware classes in Fall 2020. Mr Asadullah Jawid and Mr. Ramazan Ali Bahrami also provided impressions for the field of Data Science and the Importance of IT in Afghanistan today.

The IT Day provided a very tangible demonstration of the fast-moving pace that characterizes AUAF’s Department of Science, Technology and Mathematics.

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