AUAF's First Symposium on Mathematics and Its Applications

The 1st AUAF Symposium on Mathematics and Its Applications took place at AUAF on 14th  November 2019. The  “Symposium on Mathematics and Its Applications – MAS 19 “, is the first of a planned series of symposia and conferences organized by AUAF’s Division of Science, Technology and Mathematics (AUAF-STM). The objective of this series is for students to realize the importance of a solid foundation in mathematics, and how such knowledge will contribute to a successful career in any discipline.

MAS 19 was a great opportunity for students and faculty members to exchange knowledge on recent developments in mathematics and its applications in areas such as finance, business, economics, actuarial science, management, engineering, information technology and social sciences and humanities. The participants were able to discover the profound implications of mathematics in real life phenomena, and also some contributions in research, innovation and development over the recent years.  The symposium ran six sessions and consisted of 22 presentations, primarily by AUAF students, each involving real life and applied problems with showcases and simulation studies. This was important for students as they were able to revisit the foundations of the scientific reasoning and applications. This symposium was attended by 55 participants among which there were AUAF students, faculty members and special guests from JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and Afghan schools. The symposium saw a great contribution from colleagues from the Social Sciences and Humanities Division, Political Science and Public Administration departments. Numerous feedbacks from attendees were particularly positive as they gained new insights on mathematics and its applications, especially in real life phenomena. Equally valuable, the symposium was an opportunity for collegiality, networking and partnership. 

The success of this first symposium was evident as the participants requested a second event to be run next year. AUAF-STM Division is looking forward to running future symposia and conferences as well as developing closer relations with Afghan universities and other scientific and research organizations as part of USAID and AUAF’s shared objective to raise the standard of higher education in Afghanistan in general, and of STEM in particular. 

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