Dr Ala Abdulhakim Abdulaziz's Perspective about AUAF

My Ph.D. in Computer Science (Information Security) was completed at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 2016, where I also trained for and taught computer science core courses, Biometrics authentication and Data Science Analysis using Python, as well as helping my supervisor to supervise her Masters students. My MITS  in Computer Science (Information Security) was completed in 2012 at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) .I completed my B.A. in Computer Science (Security technology) at Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU) in 2009, where I first became interested computer science and information security. I have participated in developing information technology curriculum based on ABET accreditation at the American university of Afghanistan. I have developed and taught courses in programing (Data Science with Python, Data visualization, R, C, C++, Java, HTML, PHP, Web Application programming, Data Structure and algorithm); Database (Database Design, MangoDB, SQLite3, Advanced Database, SQL, MYSQL); Network (Computer Networks, CCNA and Packet Tracer); Security (Introduction to Information security, Applied Cryptography and Penetration Testing). My research aims to bring principles and techniques from programming languages to the design and implementation of secure and robust systems. To this end, I conducted research that spans the areas of programming languages, security, and data science. During my Ph.D., I have been designing novel, general, and efficient privacy-preserving solutions and which can be used for different applications, but are specifically used for biometric authentication.


 What are the five best things about AUAF?

1-     Great, smart and hardworking students

2-     State of the art facilities

3-     The high quality of Faculty and the curriculum used

4-     The ease by which graduates can start meaningful program related careers

5-     The long-term reputation of AUAF

 What is the most interesting part about teaching a Computer Science major?

1-     Computing is part of everything we do!

2-     Nearly recession-proof jobs

3-     Opportunities for true creativity and innovation

4-     Making a positive difference in the world

5-     Frontline warriors in the battle against cybercriminals

6-     An essential part of a well-rounded academic education

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