Dr. Kenneth Holland's resignation from AUAF

The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) regretfully announces that Dr. Kenneth Holland has resigned as the President of AUAF. Dr. Holland has made a notable positive impact on our AUAF community in a range of areas, from improved academics and scholarly achievement to helping to move the university forward after the tumultuous time in 2016-17.

As a result of his achievements, the AUAF Board of Trustees has decided to bestow upon Dr. Holland the title of “President Emeritus” of the American University of Afghanistan. We look forward to continuing to call on Dr. Holland’s expertise and assistance in the days and years ahead.

The Board is moving forward in a formal search process for a new president. At the same time the Board has appointed Board Chair and former Acting President of AUAF, David Sedney, as Executive Chair of the University with responsibility for overseeing all AUAF operations, until a new president is appointed. Dr. Andrew Starcher, Acting Senior Vice President and Provost, will serve under Mr. Sedney as interim AUAF President, pending the appointment of an Acting President, which we expect in the next few days. In addition to his experience over the past 18 months at AUAF as Dean of Faculty, Andrew has filled senior roles at multiple universities, and we welcome his continuing leadership here at AUAF.

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