We are pleased to announce that our very own, Dr. Enakshi Sengupta, Director for the AUAF Centre of Teaching & Learning, and Associate Professor of Business, has received the 2021 Outstanding Faculty Award by CIES (Comparative & International Education Society) Study Abroad & International Students Special Interest Group (SIG). The award was judged by a prestigious cohort of Academics (https://www.cies.us/page/BoardofDirectors).
Dr. Enakshi will be officially recognized as the “2021 CIES Study Abroad and International Students SIG Outstanding Faculty Award” recipient during the annual SIG Business Meeting later this year.
The mission of the CIES Study Abroad & International Students SIG is to promote interdisciplinary scholarship opportunities and critical dialogues by connecting professionals and academics who are involved in serving the international student population. In selecting Dr. Enakshi, the CIES panel noted the “quality and depth” of her contributions in sharing best practices in higher education.
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