MAELE Graduation Ceremony

The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) held the commencement ceremony for the graduates of Masters of Arts in Education and Law Enforcement (MAELE). This major event was attended by His Excellency Minister Mohammad Masood Andarabi, Ministry of Interior Affairs; Mohammad Farid Afzali, Police Academy Commander; Abdul Jabar Purdily, Deputy Minister for Training and Personnel; AUAF senior management, and several other top diplomats and government officials. During this ceremony, 25 Students graduated with MAELE.

The event commenced by welcoming remarks by Dr Andrew Starcher, Acting President of AUAF. Dr Starcher congratulated the graduates and appreciated their hard work and dedication towards the completion of the program.

Followed by the welcoming remarks, Dr David Sedney, Chairman of Board of Trustees of AUAF. Dr Sedney praised the efforts of the students and stated their crucial contribution towards the better future of Afghanistan.

His Excellency Minister Mohammad Masood Andarabi congratulated the class of 2019 and called AUAF as the centre of excellence in higher education of Afghanistan. 

Mr. Amanullah Asadyar, The student speaker for the MAELE graduates, declared that "Education leads to the development of a country and we will continue to need the support of AUAF even after our education as there is no time or age limit for getting an education".

The mission of the Master of Arts in Education and Law Enforcement (MAELE) program is to provide high-quality education for Afghan men and women to become excellent workers and leaders in their communities. The MAELE program will enhance the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of the Police Academy and Staff College instructors who will, in turn, train qualified cadre of the law enforcement personnel for Afghanistan. The MAELE program at AUAF aims to educate outstanding citizens, workers, professionals and the future leaders of Afghanistan



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