Minister of Economy's Visit to AUAF

On May 3, 2018 AUAF students launched Entrepreneurship Club and had the privilege of listening to the following guests; his Excellency Dr. Mustafa Mastoor Afghanistan’s Minister of Economy and Mr. Saed Ismail Amiri CEO of the Assist Consultants Incorporation. 

Dr. Kenneth Holland the AUAF’s president led the opening by pointing out the importance of establishing an entrepreneurial platform within AUAF and the need to encourage entrepreneurial activities among the youth. 
H.E. Dr. Mastoor presented some of the challenges of the Afghan economy; opportunities within those challenges as well as the Afghan government policies for entrepreneurs. Some of the current initiations were introduced by H.E Dr. Mastoor around how government is working on Public Private Partnership (PPP) and other mechanism to promote private-public relationship to develop the business climate and the strategy, which is in formation for domestic production development. Most of these topics were revolved around the entrepreneurship opportunities for youth. 

Mr. Amiri shared his experience of business growth cycle. “Starting a business was difficult but not impossible” he stated during his speech. Mr. Amiri’s business is now a multi-million dollar company where more than 1,000 employees are provided with employment. The event was followed by an open Q&A session with the AUAF students and a reception which allowed the students to interact informally.


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