Mobile Learning Pilot Initiative

From August to December 2020, the AUAF STM division took part in a mobile learning pilot initiative coordinated by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, and financed by Save the Children Denmark, in partnership with the Global Health Institute of the American University of Beirut. The pilot was geared towards testing the use of low-tech mobile solutions to support humanitarian responders to reach the most remote communities with information and learning on COVID-19. The educational content of the pilot was developed by subject matter experts at the American University of Beirut’s Global Health Institute, and contextualised for Afghanistan by AUAF work study students, under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Al-Janad, Dr Ala Abdulaziz and Prof Victoria Fontan.

The project provided valuable information to all stakeholders on how mobile learning works, and its relevance to both spread life-saving information about the Covid-19 virus to remote groups of people, and potentially other humanitarian related information. In addition, public awareness of Covid-19 threats was improved through the design and dissemination of Covid-19 information through WhatsApp groups and the creation of a Mobile Application to share Covid-19 awareness materials. This project created a unique opportunity to work together through outreach among universities and NGOs.

Looking ahead, the AUAF will continue to improve the Mobile App to include reporting and tracking features and design online workshops on COVID-19 awareness and best practices. The project team looks forward to expanding the mobile learning scope to other humanitarian topics.

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