News Release: Seminar on AUAF’s Integrated Approaches for Advancement of Women in Afghanistan

The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) hosted a Seminar on AUAF’s Integrated Approaches for Advancement of Women in Afghanistan at the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) on February 13th 2018.

The Women’s Center of the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) is pleased to announce the happening of Afghanistan’s first seminar focused on women’s advancement in social, political, and economic spheres of the Afghan society. The seminar highlighted AUAF’s commitment to develop and support the future generation of female leaders of Afghanistan. It also brought in attention the need for collaboration with development actors and the government to ensure that Afghan women are given the tools to reach their full potential.
In this seminar, AUAF pledged commitments as a technical reference partner to the government of Afghanistan and to the international community to contribute towards national priorities for women.
Key note speakers for this seminar included His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of Afghanistan, and Her Excellency Delber Nazari, Minister of Women’s Affairs. Participants in the seminar were senior representatives of the National Unity Government (NUG), development partners of Afghanistan, civil society, and members of the private sectors.
Panel discussions at the seminar provided insights on current programs, policies, structures, and strategies in place to support gender equality and mainstreaming in AUAF, the government, and donor agencies. These discussions provided platform for participant agencies to bridge efforts and identify areas of synergetic collaboration.
At the end of the event, key recommendations, plans, and programs identified by participants was published to serve as basis for ongoing discussion and collaboration.

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