One AUAF Graduate is Helping to Wash Away COVID-19

Hameedullah Saidi is not content to watch his country suffer and is playing an active role to prevent the spread of the corona virus.  His social responsibility towards humanity in the current times of need, led him to come up with a useful and effective way that can slow down the spread of this infectious virus and support the Afghan health care system as well.

Hameedullah Saidi has completed his BBA at the American University of Afghanistan and is the founder of Marine Star Prefabricated Building Company that he launched in 2008.  He invested his own capital to begin production of a range of products, including prefabricated buildings and heavy steel structures including hangars, overhead cranes, warehouses, and relocatable houses for rapid installation. 

Now he is turning his production expertise to a new line—no-touch sinks.  Again utilizing his own capital, Mr Saidi is producing portable hand washing sinks and install them at the entrances of healthcare centers, hospitals and crowded areas of Kabul.  

He creatively designed the compact hand washing sinks himself using steel sheet and electrostatic coating techniques. They are designed to be portable and self-contained, using their own water storage systems if tap water is not nearby. The sinks do not require hand touch. Instead foot paddles are used for both water and washing liquid separately. Each sink has four compartments, so four people can use each sink at the same time. Each unit has its own waste storage system or can be connected to city sewer lines where available. He has arranged for mobile service teams to recharge and refill as needed on a daily basis. The first series of the no-touch sinks are already in operation and people are using them on daily basis.

Mr. Saidi plans to continue this process for as long as the current situation continues. “I shared my experience with you in the hope that this act encourages others, including our investors, youth and business people, that this is the time to prove their patriotism and use every opportunity to save lives” said Hameedullah Saidi. 

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