President Honor Award Ceremony for Spring 2017 Students

The President’s Award includes Honor and High Honor awards which are awarded each fall and spring semester. This Academic Excellence Award is intended to recognize success in the classroom, outstanding educational growth and encourage undergraduate students who have excellent scholastic records. The criteria to receive the President’ Award are:

Complete a minimum of 12 credit hours in the semester
Have at least a 3.75 semester GPA
Have no failing grades in any courses during that semester
Have no incomplete grades in current or previous semesters
Have no disciplinary action during the semester
Have no disciplinary action pending or current STOPs

On December 4th, the President’s Award ceremony was held with student and faculty attending the ceremony. More than 60 students received the President’s High Honors Award and President’s Honor Award who have shown academic excellence and completed the criteria. Dr. Kenneth Holland, AUAF President, Dr. Sharif Fayez, AUAF Founder, Dr. Jeffery Belnap, AUAF Provost, and Ms. Leslie M.Schweitzer, from Friend of American University gave their remarks about the importance of academic excellence and its role in the future endures.

A Message from AUAF President, Dr Kenneth Holland:

“We are pleased to welcome all of you today for the presentation of our President’s Awards. The President’s Awards honor students at the American University of Afghanistan who have distinguished themselves by their high academic performance and their exemplary conduct. We are proud to recognize these dedicated scholars for their hard work and their commitment to their studies. They are outstanding representatives of our university.

While we honor these students for their accomplishments, it is also important to remember that assistance and encouragement from parents, family members, and other supporters is partly responsible for the academic achievements we recognize today. We thank and congratulate all those who played a part in our students’ success.”

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