Samahang Pinoy of Philippines visited AUAF

The first-ever official election of Board of Trustees and Executive Officers was held on 25th of October 2019, in the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) campus with the overwhelming support and sponsorship of the top management of the University, headed by the President himself, Mr. David Sedney and his wife Dr. Diana Sedney, Acting Director of Advancement, the Vice President Mr. Scott Brant, the Security Director Mr. Kevin Wann, and the Chief Facilities Officer Mr. Jose Castillo. It was indeed a successful event where the BOTs and the new set of Officers were officially elected. This was followed by a whole-day non-stop sports fest where everyone bears joy and somehow a moment of recuperation. This is only one of the affirmative developments that the Samahang Pinoy in Afghanistan (SPA) is moving right on-track and will always strive to achieve its Mission, Vision, and Goals for the welfare of the Filipinos in Afghanistan.

The Samahang Pinoy in Afghanistan (SPA) was formed by former members of the defunct Filipinos in Afghanistan (FIA) and other newly employed Filipino Overseas Contract Workers who work outside the bases. It was founded in July 2012 with the leadership of Engr. Robert Tabaloc, right after the Pinoy Bunkers Group inside the US Bases has been granted and recognized by the Philippines Embassy in Pakistan. 

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