Splendours of Medieval Afghan Art


On October 3rd, AUAF organized a program for the exhibition of “Splendours of Medieval Afghan Art”. This event inaugurated permanent display of AUAF of the state-of-the-art reproductions of paintings from the kingdoms of Kabul and Herat from the 15th to 17th centuries. The art exhibition was curated by AUAF’s Distinguished Professor, Dr. Michael Barry, and possible through the event was made with assistance of the European Union Mission in Afghanistan.

AUAF had the opportunity to have honorable ambassadors, diplomats and government officials and especially the European Union Ambassador to Afghanistan, H.E. Mr. Pierre Mayaudon, in this occasion.

The exhibition started with welcoming remarks from President David Sedney on the significance of the permanent exhibition for AUAF’s educational mission. Ambassador Pierre Mayaudon gave opening remarks on the European Union’s role in promoting Afghan culture and art, where he emphasized “marking our respect and consideration for the ancient culture of this country and for me personally is a fantastic chance to discover the incredible history and value of Afghan heritage.”

Dr. Michael Barry detailed the cultural and scientific significance of medieval Afghanistan’s artistic legacy, and followed his discussion with AUAF’s two central classroom buildings. He described Kabul “as the greatest center of Islamic art in the 16th century, and noted how much Afghanistan has to offer the world.”


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