Student Life

The AUAF Student Affairs Office is responsible for all aspects of student life outside the classroom. The office’s primary functions include providing advisors for students, preparing campus-wide events, and teaching courses on how to succeed at AUAF.  These activities are integral to the educational activities of students, faculty, and university administration, thereby supporting the primary mission of the university to provide world class higher education that prepares leaders to meet the needs of Afghanistan and the region.

In its role as a provider of quality services to students and the university community, the Student Affairs Office works to respond to inquiries accurately and promptly, to offer helpful assistance, and to treat our students respectfully and with professionalism. We are charged with responsibility for communicating and administering academic policies, which we endeavor to enforce consistently and fairly. We do this in consultation with the administration and faculty. Our office routinely reviews policy, makes recommendations for change, and coordinates the implementation of approved policy revisions. Our goal is to follow the policies set by the AUAF administration.

The Student Affairs Office follows the university’s policy on confidentiality of student records.


The AUAF Student Affairs Office Staff


 American University of Afghanistan
 Phone: +93 (0) 79 673 5084

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