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Freshman Year Experience Program

Freshman Year Experience Program

The Freshman Year Experience (FYE) program provides students with the knowledge and skills to be successful at AUAF. Academic performance skills, understanding the university’s culture, policies, expectations, self-management skills, time management, and other topics are covered.

The FYE program is much more than just the University Success Course (UNV 100). It is a program designed to assist new students by providing them a well-rounded Freshman Year Experience. It includes the New Student Orientation Week and the Convocation Ceremony, both of which welcome our new students to campus.

University Success
University Success (UNV 100) covers note taking skills, test taking skills, personality and learning skills, the consequences of cheating and plagiarism, and work to improve decision making skills.

New Student Orientation
New Student Orientation is a campus-wide event that is designed to orient students to AUAF’s academic environment. The event starts with remarks and warm welcome of new students by Special Guest. Other activities include class registration, Math, English, and ITCS Placement Tests, IT presentation, introduction to the Library Services, Campus Tour, and Fun activities by Student Government Association and Student Clubs.

Academic Advising
Students at AUAF are assigned an academic advisor who assists them in the navigation of the university’s academic requirements to complete their respective degree. Freshman (0 – 30 completed credits) are assigned a professional academic advisor in the Office of Student Affairs. Students are eligible to declare their academic major after they complete 30 credits and have at least a 2.5 Grade Point Average. Once a student is declares their major, they are assigned an advisor within their academic department.

CHAMPS Peer Mentor Program

The purpose of the CHAMPS Peer Mentor Program is to serve as an integral part of the University to promote the improvement of academic success, persistence and successful graduation of students participating in the program. It is a program that assists incoming students to adapt to their new college environment by grouping new students with continuing students who serve as a resource and assist them through their first year. The primary purpose of the CHAMPS Peer Mentoring Program at AUAF is to provide students with an optimum opportunity for academic and personal success.