Career and Work-Study Services Office is available to help students in their career choices and in finding positions after they graduate. The office coordinates student employment on and off campus and also assists with internship placement related to the student’s degree choices. The office also advises and counsels students in regard to career choices, assists students in résumé and curriculum vitae preparation and organizes career fairs. The office also assists students considering graduate schools.


If a student wants to work as a Work-Study Assistant, they should first, read the  Work-Study Policies and Procedures, fill the  Work Study Application Form , and send it to "" along with a one page resume. 


If any of AUAF Faculty and/or Staff wants to have a Work-Study Assistant, they need to fill out the Work Study Position Request Form. Once approved, they should submit this form to Work-Study Program Office of Student Affairs room# A04 in Annex Building. 


Once a student is hired in any AUAF departments and/or with any faculty, the  Work Study Agreement Form should be signed between the student and the supervisor and then submitted to Work-Study Program Office of Student Affairs room# A04 in Annex Building. 


The Work-Study Program recruitment is available throughout the semester as needed. 

For any further questions, please send an email to "" or stop by Zarif Karimi's Office who is managing the Work-Study Program at the Office of Student Affairs room # A04 in Annex Building. 


Work-Study Policies and Procedures 

Work Study Application Form 

Work Study Agreement Form 

Work Study Position Request Form


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