The Career and Work-Study Services Office is available to help students in their career choices and in finding positions after they graduate. The office coordinates student employment on and off campus and also assists with internship placement related to the student’s degree choices. The office also advises and counsels students in regard to career choices, assists students in résumé and curriculum vitae preparation and organizes career fairs. The office also assists students considering graduate schools

 Work-Study Policies and Procedures 

 Work Study Application Form 

 Work Study Position Request Form 

 Work Study Agreement 

 Work Study Overtime Authorization Form 

Career Services 

We have activities each semester. Below are just a sample and coming in 2018 March a Career Center on the Second Floor of the Women's Center!

Career and Life Workshop (Each semester) covers the basic of interviewing for a job, etiquette in business,
All students are invited are invited to attend.

CV Workshops- working on resumes. All students are invited to attend. (Offered each semester.)

Internship opportunities at companies/organizations are posted and emailed to all BBA students and club members.
In Fall 2017, we hired an “external relations coordinator” to grow this program. (Example Ace Hardware company)

Announcements of job openings are often received by faculty or department chair.
If it is a good opportunity we make referrals. (Example EY Global Accounting firm wanted to hire 3-4 AUAF students. They asked us to identify top students and set up interviews.)

Outreach to companies to involve students in projects. (Example is Roshan. We involve students in working on short marketing projects. In past semester we have done pharmaceutical and consumer beverage projects. Another example is AHG where a group of our students were invited over

Work-Study students are employed (part-time) in the Business Department to get some experience. (2-3 per semester.)

“Business Research Lab” (2014-2017)- students worked on gathering industry reports on agriculture, mining, telecommunications, food processing, apparel. These reports were centralized on a Shared Drive.

Arete Business Club- holds monthly meetings for networking and education purposes. Host speakers.

Alumni Reunion Events. AUAF alumni are invited to attend a special reception and seminar. There is a guest speaker (for example this week we have the CEO of Moby Group, in two weeks we’ll have the deputy minister from MOCI).  They will talk on their background and their organization and then are available to meet with students and networking with each other and also with the speaker. All Undergraduate students also invited to attend.  (1-2 times per semester).

Work with US Embassy to place students in the various programs such as “Young Leaders”,  Indiana University summer business programs and other opportunities for development. (Every semester.)

Fulbright program / Business students support. We have an annual  information session on Fulbright and coach students on application process. Write Letters of Recommendation for applicants. (Every Semester.)

In MGT 450 (Senior Capstone), we have a business plan development award. We have judges from outside companies. The winners of this of this receive a certificate, have an opportunity to interface directly with local business leaders and we promote these students as good candidates for hire. (Every semester.)

 Special Events to support career development

The Business Department sponsored the “Entrepreneurs Forum”,(Fall 2017) inviting alumni to exhibit and have a “poster session”, explaining their company, how they got started. Students may submit their CV’s to the company.

 “Nestle Job Drive”. This seminar introduces students to Nestle company and local management and explains how a career. They can apply for training programs. (2018).

Field trips to ACCI events, business conferences, agricultural and food events to encourage students to talk with companies and make connections. (2016, 2017)

Outreach to other Universities.

Fall 2017 we began a cooperation with Kabul University. We are teaching one class for KU MBA students each semester.(Fall 2017-Marketing Management, Spring 2018- Entrepreneurship.) KU students are invited to attend all of our special events and speaker program throughout the semester.

Similar program with Kandahar University is in the planning stages.

Each year (2014-2017) we participate in the “Education Expo”. This is held at the Expo Center. We meet with the other universities’ business faculty and administration.


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