AUA offers two Finds of entry placement tests designed to test English abilities:

English Placement Test

The English placement test is designed to determine whether your current English language level is suitable for one of the programs at the American University of Afghanistan. The exam takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

All students must take the English placement test and achieve the minimum required score before they can register for the entrance test

Requirements for Registration:

  • Pre-registration is mandatory. All students must register with the AUAF Admissions Office 
  • If fewer than 10 people register, the English placement test may be canceled and rescheduled for another date.

Note: AUAF does not guarantee that all students will pass the English Placement test with satisfactory scores allowing them to the entrance test. It is recommended that only serious students take the English placement test.

Upcoming English Placement test in Kabul:

It will be updated soon.

Entrance Test

The entrance test is used by the American University of Afghanistan as the first entrance examination to the Undergraduate and Foundation Studies programs. The exam takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Students must complete the English Placement Test before being allowed to take this exam.

All students must take the entrance test and achieve the minimum required score for both the Undergraduate or Foundation Studies programs before admittance to either program will be granted.

Upcoming Entrance Test in Kabul:

It will be updated soon.


Test Fee: 4,000 AFN

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