The 2nd Biannual AUAF Research Forum on Humanities and Education

The 2nd biannual AUAF Research Forum on the subject of the Humanities and Education was organized by the AUAF's Humanities Division. The organizing panel undertook to explore ways in which the Humanities might be critiqued and reconfigured to effectively engage with Afghan society and its educational environment. The event took the form of five inter-linked presentations on the Humanities and their conceptual formations, instructions and social application. In particular, presenters had in mind the place, content and practice of the Humanities at this institution. The presentations were followed by an open and lively discussion involving audience participants and panel members, moderated by Dr. Andrew Starcher, Dean of Faculty and Associate Provost.

Participating in the Humanities and Education panel were 
Ms. Olivia Bailey—Instructor in English, 
Dr. Victoria Fontan—Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, 
Dr. Gillian Piggott— Associate Professor of English, 
Mr. Nic Rhea—Instructor in English and 
Dr. John Wall— Associate Professor in English.

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